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Synthesis, characterization, theoretical and cytotoxicity studies of Pd(II) and Pt(II) complexes with new bidentate carbon donor ligand

A novel Trans-Pt(II) complex bearing 2-acetoxymethylbenzimidazole as a non-leaving ligand (trans-[Pt(AMBi)2Cl2]): Synthesis, antiproliferative activity, DNA interaction and molecular docking studies compared with its cis isomer (cis-[Pt(AMBi)2Cl2])

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Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura Without Schistocytes: Beware of Misdiagnosis

Attitudes of women towards products containing hormones (hormonal contraceptives or hormone therapy): what changes from pre to postmenopause?

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Early morbidity and dose–volume effects in definitive radiochemotherapy for locally advanced cervical cancer: a prospective cohort study covering modern treatment techniques

HPV sequencing facilitates ultrasensitive detection of HPV circulating tumor DNA.

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The enzyme subunit SubA of Shiga toxin-producing E. coli strains demonstrates comparable intracellular transport and cytotoxic activity as the holotoxin SubAB in HeLa and HCT116 cells in vitro

Synthesis, characterization, theoretical and cytotoxicity studies of Pd(II) and Pt(II) complexes with new bidentate carbon donor ligand

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Experiencias en la atención en salud de mujeres con anormalidades citológicas o cáncer de cuello uterino en dos departamentos fronterizos: una lucha entre la vida y el sistema de salud colombiano

Incidence and mortality of cervix cancer and their relationship with the human development index in 185 countries in the world: An ecology study in 2018

Cervix Cancer sentence examples within cervix cancer cell

Evaluation of Anticancer Action of Martynia annua Linn Root Extract on Different Human Cancer Cell Lines

Discovery of a 2,4-diphenyl-5,6-dihydrobenzo(h)quinolin-8-amine derivative as a novel DNA intercalating topoisomerase IIα poison.

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HPV sequencing facilitates ultrasensitive detection of HPV circulating tumor DNA.

Clinicopathological Features of Carcinoma of Cervix

Cervix Cancer sentence examples within cervix cancer hela

Influence of molecular weight on the properties of Sargassum muticum fucoidan

Staphylococcus aureus induces DNA damage in host cell

Cervix Cancer sentence examples within cervix cancer xenograft

Microtubule-Targeted Self-Assembly Triggers Prometaphase-Metaphase Oscillations Suppressing Tumor Growth.

Targeting Aurora Kinase to Enhance the Curative Potential of Radiotherapy in HPV Related Cancers

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Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura Without Schistocytes: Beware of Misdiagnosis

Long-Term Survival Rates and Prognostic Factors of Cervix Cancer Treated by Different Modalities

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National institutions should improve the information made available to patients about cervical smears.


Cervix Cancer sentence examples within cervix cancer prevention

Knowledge and attitude about intrauterine contraceptive devices among patients attending the National Guard Hospital in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: a cross-sectional study.

The Relationship between Health Locus of Control and Iranian Women’s Beliefs toward Pap Smear Screening

Differences in cancer incidence and pattern between urban and rural Nepal: one-year experience from two population-based cancer registries

1419Cancer mortality burden and quality of life in Argentina: geographical pattern and measures of association

Radiomic Analysis for Pretreatment Prediction of Recurrence after Radiotherapy in Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer.

In vitro studies of Psorinum 6x on several human cancer cell lines reveal its anti-cancer potential

Cancer in Women and Its Relation to Work Systematic Review

miRNAs as biomarkers for early cancer detection and their application in the development of new diagnostic tools


Predictors of Financial Toxicity in Patients Receiving Concurrent Radiation and Chemotherapy.

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[Clinicopathological analysis of lung metastatic tumor].

Super selective arterial embolization to treat radiation-induced hemorrhagic gastritis: a case report and review of the literature

Inter- and Intrafraction Bladder and Rectum Motion in Patients With Cervical Cancer Under MR-Guided Radiotherapy on a 1.5T MR-Linac.

Prognostic significance of the Central Tumor Size (CTS) in Cervical Cancer (CC) stages IIb and IIIb: What should we do with the FIGO staging system and therapeutic strategies?

A Prospective Observational Study on Evaluation of Chemotherapy Induced Adverse Drug Reactions in Cancer Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital

The Effect of Continuous Low-Intensity Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields from Radio Base Stations to Cancer Mortality in Brazil

The Novel Benzothiazole Derivative PB11 Induces Apoptosis via the PI3K/AKT Signaling Pathway in Human Cancer Cell Lines

Advancements and Future Predictions on Diagnostic Approaches towards Cervical Cancer through Nanotechnology-Based Sensors for the Detection of Human Papillomavirus

Effects of irradiation doses <10 Gy and irradiated bone volume on the change in blood counts during and after pelvic irradiation

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Pharmacoeconomics and cost-effectiveness of treatments related to breast and cervix cancers

Aerobic Vaginitis—Underestimated Risk Factor for Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia

Co-expression of PD-L1 and DDR2 in cervical cancer

Vaginal dose-surface maps in cervical cancer brachytherapy: Methodology and preliminary results on correlation with morbidity.

A comparative study of methods for determining Intravoxel incoherent motion parameters in cervix cancer

Voiding recovery after radical parametrectomy in cervical cancer patients: An international prospective multicentre trial - SENTIX.

Phylogenetic analysis of Alphapapillomavirus based on L1, E6 and E7 regions suggests that carcinogenicity and tissue tropism have appeared multiple times during viral evolution.

[Study about skin cancer screening in comparison with breast and cervix cancer screening in a female sample from Concordia, Argentina.]

MON-575 Clinical Implication of Sonographic Evaluation for Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor-Related Thyroiditis: A Case Series Study

EP396 Five-year survival and prognostic factors in women treated for cervix cancer at a tertiary care center

Cancer risks and benefits of hormonal contraception: a literature review and practical issues

A Comparative Study of Two-Compartment Exchange Models for Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI in Characterizing Uterine Cervical Carcinoma

Health-related Quality of Life in Women with Cervical Cancer.

Automated applicator digitization for high-dose-rate cervix brachytherapy using image thresholding and density-based clustering.

Combined Ultrasound and Cone Beam CT Improves Target Segmentation for Image Guided Radiation Therapy in Uterine Cervix Cancer

Oncologic outcome after completing or abandoning (radical) hysterectomy in patients with cervical cancer and intraoperative detection of lymph node positivity; ABRAX (ABandoning RAd hyst in cerviX cancer)

Hubungan Motivasi Ibu dengan Deteksi Dini Kanker Serviks Melalui Metode Inspeksi Visual Asam Asetat (IVA)

Cancer site differences in the health‐related quality of life of Korean cancer survivors: Results from a Population‐based Survey

Adaptive color deconvolution for histological WSI normalization

Physical and Dosimetric Properties of the Applicators Used in Cervix Cancer Brachytherapy: ICRU 89 Recommendation

A Phase II Trial of Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy as a Boost for Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer.

The incidence of inflammation among patients suffering from cervix cancer with positive beta haemolytic streptococci cultures from genital tract.

Biogenic synthesis, characterization of gold nanoparticles using Lonicera japonica and their anticancer activity on HeLa cells

Rates over time and regional variation of radical minimally invasive surgery for cervical cancer: A population based study.

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Cervical cancer detection method using an improved cellular neural network (CNN) algorithm

Overexpression of CMTM7 inhibits cell growth and migration in liver cancer

EP380 Clinical outcomes and predictive factors for bladder or rectal invasive cervical cancer after definitive radiotherapy

Three new dicyanidoaurate(I)-based complexes exhibiting significant antiproliferative property: synthesis and characterization

High Positive Correlations between ANRIL and p16-CDKN2A/p15-CDKN2B/p14-ARF Gene Cluster Overexpression in Multi-Tumor Types Suggest Deregulated Activation of an ANRIL–ARF Bidirectional Promoter

When Pap Testing Fails to Prevent Cervix Cancer: A Qualitative Study of the Experience of Screened Women Under 50 with Advanced Cervix Cancer in Canada

The Host-Microbe Interplay in Human Papillomavirus-Induced Carcinogenesis

Hyperthermia with radiotherapy reduces tumour alpha/beta: Insights from trials of thermoradiotherapy vs radiotherapy alone.

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Role of ADC values in assessing clinical response and identifying residual disease post-chemo radiation in uterine cervix cancer

Patient-reported sexual adjustment after definitive chemoradiation and MR-guided brachytherapy for cervical cancer.

Sociodemographic Factors and Stage of Cancer at Diagnosis: A Population-Based Study in South India

Cytotoxic potential of camel whey and milk on cervix cancer (HeLa) cell line

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Analysis of related factors of anemia in ten malignant tumors in a hospital

Cervix Cancer 자궁경부암

Cervix Cancer 자궁경부암
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