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Ceramic Membranes sentence examples within oil water separation

Preparation of TiO2/SiO2 ceramic membranes via dip coating for the treatment of produced water.

An overview of superhydrophobic ceramic membrane surface modification for oil-water separation

Ceramic Membranes sentence examples within Porou Ceramic Membranes

Expansionless oxidation-bonded SiC microfiltration membrane by controlling the oxidation of SiC particle mixtures

Recent developments in porous ceramic membranes for wastewater treatment and desalination: A review.

Ceramic Membranes sentence examples within Conducting Ceramic Membranes

Development and Proof of Concept of a Compact Metallic Reactor for MIEC Ceramic Membranes

Hydrogen energy: development prospects and materials

Ceramic Membranes sentence examples within Tubular Ceramic Membranes

Preparation and Application in Crude Oil-Water Separation of Clay-Based Membranes

Toluene removal from gas streams by an ionic liquid membrane: Experiment and modeling

Ceramic Membranes sentence examples within Cost Ceramic Membranes

Preparation and characterization of ceramic membrane using waste almond shells as pore forming agent

Synthesis of ceramic membrane using inexpensive precursors and evaluation of its biocompatibility for hemofiltration application

Ceramic Membranes sentence examples within Commercial Ceramic Membranes

Fabrication, Optimization, and Performance of a TiO2 Coated Bentonite Membrane for Produced Water Treatment: Effect of Grafting Time

Modifying ceramic membranes with in situ grown iron oxide nanoparticles and their use for oily water treatment

Ceramic Membranes sentence examples within Dense Ceramic Membranes

High-Temperature Electrochemical Devices Based on Dense Ceramic Membranes for CO2 Conversion and Utilization

Manufacturing of BaCe0.65Zr0.20Y0.15O3-δ-Ce0.85Gd0.15O2-δ structures by micro-extrusion 3D-printing

Ceramic Membranes sentence examples within Microfiltration Ceramic Membranes

Determination of the Optimal Conditions for the Purification of Water from Iron and Manganese by Microfiltration Ceramic Membranes, Based on Theoretical Calculations

Purification of Alkaline Solutions from Dyes by Microfiltration Ceramic Membranes Made of Clay Minerals Modified by Montmorillonite

Ceramic Membranes sentence examples within Catalytic Ceramic Membranes

Ce/TiOx-functionalized catalytic ceramic membrane for hybrid catalytic ozonation-membrane filtration process: Fabrication, characterization and performance evaluation

Integration of oxalic acid chelation and Fenton process for synergistic relaxation-oxidation of persistent gel-like fouling of ceramic nanofiltration membranes

Ceramic Membranes sentence examples within Modified Ceramic Membranes

Preparation of alumina-zirconia (Al-Zr) ceramic nanofiltration (NF) membrane for the removal of uranium in aquatic system

Systematic evaluation of TiO2-GO-modified ceramic membranes for water treatment: Retention properties and fouling mechanisms

Ceramic Membranes sentence examples within Ultrafiltration Ceramic Membranes

Treatment of produced water from polymer flooding in oil production by ceramic membranes

Halloysite nanoclay doped ceramic membrane fabrication and evaluation of textile wastewater treatment performance

Ceramic Membranes sentence examples within Flat Ceramic Membranes

The Use of Flat Ceramic Membranes for Purification of the Liquid Fraction of the Digestate from Municipal Waste Biogas Plants

Preparation and characterization of low cost flat ceramic membranes from easily available potters’ clay for dye separation

Ceramic Membranes sentence examples within Alumina Ceramic Membranes

Hybrid Ceramic Membranes for the Removal of Pharmaceuticals from Aqueous Solutions

Effects of phase transformation on properties of alumina ceramic membrane: A new assessment based on quantitative X-ray diffraction (QXRD)

Ceramic Membranes sentence examples within Derived Ceramic Membranes

Progress in pervaporation membranes for dehydration of acetic acid

Tailoring hydrophilic and porous nature of polysiloxane derived ceramer and ceramic membranes for enhanced bioelectricity generation in microbial fuel cell

Ceramic Membranes sentence examples within Cleaning Ceramic Membranes

On the use of ultrasonic dental scaler tips as cleaning technique of microfiltration ceramic membranes.

Facile surface modification of ceramic membranes using binary TiO2/SiO2 for achieving fouling resistance and photocatalytic degradation

Ceramic Membranes sentence examples within Mullite Ceramic Membranes

Ceramic-Based Composite Membrane with a Porous Network Surface Featuring a Highly Stable Flux for Drinking Water Purification

Waste recycling of coal fly ash for design of highly porous whisker-structured mullite ceramic membranes

Ceramic Membranes sentence examples within Sheet Ceramic Membranes

Fabrication of conductive ceramic membranes for electrically assisted fouling control during membrane filtration for wastewater treatment.

Direct filtration for the treatment of the coagulated domestic sewage using flat-sheet ceramic membranes.

Ceramic Membranes sentence examples within Supported Ceramic Membranes

Separation of Cu2+ from membrane concentrate by SiO2/3-Aminopropyltriethoxysilane-coated ceramic membrane

Surface treatments and functionalization of metal‐ceramic membranes for improved enzyme immobilization performance

Ceramic Membranes sentence examples within Hydrophobic Ceramic Membranes

Effective separation of water-DMSO through solvent resistant membrane distillation (SR-MD).

Hydrophobic ceramic membrane for membrane distillation: A mini review on preparation, characterization, and applications

Ceramic Membranes sentence examples within Coated Ceramic Membranes

Removal of emulsified oil by ferrite-coated ceramic membranes

A Review on Water Treatment by Nanotechnology Based Membrane Materials

Ceramic Membranes sentence examples within Microporou Ceramic Membranes

Development of H2 selective silica membranes: Performance evaluation through single gas permeation and gas separation tests

Plasma Enhancement Gases separation via ceramic porous membranes for plasma exhaust processing system of DEMO

Ceramic Membranes sentence examples within Permeable Ceramic Membranes

Overcoming the Trade-off between Water Permeation and Mechanical Strength of Ceramic Membrane Supports by Interfacial Engineering.

Tailoring asymmetric Al2O3 membranes by combining tape casting and phase inversion

Ceramic Membranes sentence examples within ceramic membranes made

Purification of Alkaline Solutions from Dyes by Microfiltration Ceramic Membranes Made of Clay Minerals Modified by Montmorillonite

Separation of bacteria Kocuria rhizophila BR-1 from its broth during synthesis of gold nanoparticles using ceramic membrane by shear-enhanced filtration process.

Ceramic Membranes sentence examples within ceramic membranes suitable

Tailoring asymmetric Al2O3 membranes by combining tape casting and phase inversion


Modification of Ruddlesden-Popper-type Nd2-xNi0.75Cu0.2M0.05O4±δ by the Nd-site cationic deficiency and doping with Sc, Ga or In: Crystal structure, oxygen content, transport properties and oxygen permeability

More Ceramic Membranes 세라믹 멤브레인 sentence examples

Ceramic nanofiltration-based treatment of NOM-rich ion exchange brine

Bi-metal oxide-modified flat-sheet ceramic membranes for catalytic ozonation of organic pollutants in wastewater treatment

State-of-the-art developments in fabricating ceramic membranes with low energy consumption

Highly flexible ceramic nanofibrous membranes for superior thermal insulation and fire retardancy

Effect of temperature and module configuration on membrane fouling and end-product quality of acidic whey using ceramic ultrafiltration membrane

Highly effective enzymes immobilization on ceramics: Requirements for supports and enzymes.

Enhanced Performance of Fly Ash-Based Supports for Low-Cost Ceramic Membranes with the Addition of Bauxite

Application of nanoparticles in polymeric and ceramic membrane structure in waste water treatment

Influence of abnormal water intake linked to underwater aeration on ceramic membrane fouling in a drinking water treatment plant in Yeoncho, Korea

Membrane-Based Processes to Obtain High-Quality Water From Brewery Wastewater

Ceramic-Polymer Composite Membranes for Water and Wastewater Treatment: Bridging the Big Gap between Ceramics and Polymers

Modification of Ceramic Membranes with Carbon Compounds for Pharmaceutical Substances Removal from Water in a Filtration—Adsorption System

Fabrication of a charged PDA/PEI/Al2O3 composite nanofiltration membrane for desalination at high temperatures

Evaluating volume reduction of clarified acid bovine milk whey via falling film vacuum evaporation

Ceramic membrane overview and applications in textile industry: a review.

Production of greener energy in microbial fuel cell with ceramic separator fabricated using native soils: Effect of lattice and porous SiO2

Photocatalytic ultrafiltration membrane reactors in water and wastewater treatment - A review

Influence of Ceramic Membrane Surface Characteristics on the Flux Behavior of a Complex Fermentation Broth

Оценка кинетических параметров протеолиза сывороточных белков в УФ-концентрате подсырной сыворотки

Electro-ceramic self-cleaning membranes for biofouling control and prevention in water treatment

Characterization of ceramic pieces shaped from clay intended for the development of filtration membranes

Effective treatment of the wastewater from ceramic industry using ceramic membranes.

Study of the oxidation process of divalent iron in aqueous solutions during aeration through ceramic membranes modified by layered double hydroxides

Fouling modeling in the ultrafiltration separation of oil emulsion from salty water

Tunable isoporous ceramic membranes towards precise sieving of nanoparticles and proteins

Investigating the potential of ammonium retention by graphene oxide ceramic nanofiltration membranes for the treatment of semiconductor wastewater.

Effective and efficient fabrication of high-flux tight ZrO2 ultrafiltration membranes using a nanocrystalline precursor

Numerical simulation of fluid flow and desalination effects in ceramic membrane channels

Zwitterionic monolayer grafted ceramic membrane with an antifouling performance for the efficient oil-water separation

Effects of novel anaerobic baffled biofilm membrane bioreactor configurations on membrane fouling mitigation and microbial community in treating liquor condensate.

Developing Better Ceramic Membranes for Water and Wastewater Treatment: Where Microstructure Integrates with Chemistry and Functionalities

Controlling molten carbonate distribution in dual-phase molten salt-ceramic membranes to increase carbon dioxide permeation rates

Techno-economic assessment of a sustainable and cost-effective bioprocess for large scale production of polyhydroxybutyrate.

Peculiarities of purification of natural water from iron compounds using ceramic membranes

High value-added applications of coal fly ash in the form of porous materials: A review

The filtration and degradation mechanism of toluene via microwave thermo-catalysis ceramic membrane

Effect of binder concentration on properties of low-cost fly ash-based tubular ceramic membrane and its application in separation of glycerol from biodiesel

Hierarchical underwater oleophobic electro-ceramic/carbon nanostructure membranes for highly efficient oil-in-water separation

Tubular membranes and modules

Cleaning Methods for Ceramic Ultrafiltration Membranes Affected by Organic Fouling

Efficiency of removal of whey protein from sweet whey using polymeric microfiltration membranes.

Serial number inspection for ceramic membranes via an end-to-end photometric-induced convolutional neural network framework

Study of the permeability of tubular mineral membranes: application to wastewater treatment

Surface-Modified Multi-lumen Tubular Membranes for SAGD-Produced Water Treatment

Preparation and Characterization of Silicon Nitride Bonded Silicon Carbide Ultrafiltration Membrane

Effect of the ceramic membrane properties on the microbial fuel cell power output and catholyte generation

Mullite membrane coatings: antibacterial activities of nanosized TiO2 and Cu-grafted TiO2 in the presence of visible light illumination

Keramische Membranen: Materialien – Bauteile – potenzielle Anwendungen

Influence of sintering temperature on the development of alumina membrane shaped by centrifugal casting for gas separation

The Effect of Rice Husk Addition as Additive Materials on the Characterization of Ceramic Membrane and Their Application on Water River Treatment Process

Treatment of aqueous bacterial solution using ceramic membrane prepared from cheaper clays: A detailed investigation of fouling and cleaning

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