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Thermodynamic relations and ro-vibrational energy levels of the improved Pöschl–Teller oscillator for diatomic molecules

The Investigation of Approximate Solutions of Deformed Klein–Gordon and Schrödinger Equations Under Modified More General Exponential Screened Coulomb Potential Plus Yukawa Potential in NCQM Symmetries

Analytical Bound-State Solution of the Schrodinger Equation for the Morse Potential within the Nikiforov-Uvarov Method

Ro-vibrational energy analysis of Manning–Rosen and Pöschl–Teller potentials with a new improved approximation in the centrifugal term

Improved q-deformed Scarf II oscillator

Energy spectra and expectation values of selected diatomic molecules through the solutions of Klein–Gordon equation with Eckart–Hellmann potential model

Sustainability of Molecular Studies for Feinberg-Horodecki Equation under Eckart-Manning-Rosen Potential

Approximate Bound State Solutions for Certain Molecular Potentials

Neural-network-based consensus of multiple Euler-Lagrange systems with an event-triggered mechanism

A theoretical model of the near-surface shear layer of the Sun

Approximate analytical solutions and mean energies of stationary Schrödinger equation for general molecular potential


Supersymmetric solutions of D-dimensional dirac equation for woods-saxon potential in minimal length formalism

Analytical solution of D dimensional Schrödinger equation for Eckart potential with a new improved approximation in centrifugal term

A theoretical study of the modified equal scalar and vector Manning-Rosen potential within the deformed Klein-Gordon and Schrödinger in RNCQM and NRNCQM symmetries

Singular and regular vortices on top of a background pulled to the center

Analysis of the interaction of an electron with radial electric fields in the presence of a disclination

Analytical solutions of the Klein-Gordon equation for the deformed generalized Deng-Fan potential plus deformed Eckart potential

Relativistic spectral bounds for the general molecular potential: application to a diatomic molecule

Eigensolutions, scattering phase shift and thermodynamic properties of Hulthẻn-Yukawa potential

Bound state solutions of the Klein-Fock-Gordon equation with the sum of Manning-Rosen potential and Yukawa potential within SUSYQM

The Arbitrary l-state Solutions of the Hellmann Potential by Feynman Path Integral Approach

Approximate bound state solutions of the Klein-Gordon equation with the linear combination of Hulthén and Yukawa potentials

Fuzzy Static Sliding Mode Control for a Nonlinear Benchmark System

Bound state solutions of the Schrὃdinger equation and expectation value for some molecules

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Centrifugal Term 원심 기간

Centrifugal Term 원심 기간
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