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Aerodynamic optimization of forward-curved blade centrifugal fan characterized by inclining bionic volute tongue

CFD modeling and optimization by metamodels of a squirrel cage fan using OpenFoam and Dakota: Ventilation applications

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Reducing the energy consumption of the aerodynamic heating dryer

Tangential Flue Gas Recirculation (TFGR) technique for enhancement of radiation characteristics and reduction of NOx emission in natural gas burners

Study of Cleaning and Storage of Fine-fiber Cotton From Trash Impurities

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Failure analysis of a fan blade holding assemblement, installed on the cooling tower of a power plant

Identification of partially coherent sound sources for centrifugal fan

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Optimization of centrifugal fan position in a particular VRF outdoor unit for European market

On the Efficiency of a Piezoelectric Energy Harvester under Combined Aeroelastic and Base Excitation

Winding MMF and PM MMF Analysis of Axial-Flux Machine with Multi-Phase and Multi-Layer Winding

Sprayer for chemical treatment of vineyards and orchards

Influence of Rotor Design on the Generation of Windage Power Loss in Salient Pole Generators

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Numerical simulation of aerodynamic noise and noise reduction of range hood

Study of the Hydrodynamic Unsteady Flow Inside a Centrifugal Fan and Its Downstream Pipe Using Detached Eddy Simulation

Experimental investigations and empirical relationship on the influence of innovative hub geometry in a centrifugal fan for performance augmentation

Development and performance evaluation of a Pedal Operated Seed Cleaner (POS-Cleaner)

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Bench-scale study of centrifugal fan parameters

High Resolution 2.5D PIV Measurements of the Flow Fields Generated by Small Fans

The impact of wind pressure and stack effect on the performance of room ventilation units with heat recovery

Analysis of internal flow field for a three-stage centrifugal fan under various operating conditions

Development of a Walnut (Tetracarpidium conophorum) Cracker

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Design of the centrifugal fan of a belt-driven starter generator with reduced flow noise

Numerical simulation and performance optimization of the centrifugal fan in a vacuum cleaner

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Investigation of efficiency models in EnergyPlus and AMCA standard 207 for induction motors powered by variable frequency drives

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Testing of piezoelectric energy harvesters isolated from base vibrations

Asthma Device Calibrator (ADC)

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Real-time stall detection of centrifugal fan based on symmetrized dot pattern analysis and image matching

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Heat transfer enhancement of air-cooled heat sink channel using a piezoelectric synthetic jet array

Case study: Evaluation of discrete frequency noise generated from object in wake of centrifugal impeller: Case study on tonal noise of a centrifugal fan Centrifugal Fan

Blade shape optimization of centrifugal fan for improving performance and reducing aerodynamic noise of clothes dryer

The first huge pressurized ventilation system in the world, realized in Brenner, with heavy duty centrifugal fans

Automated Calibration Machine for Spirometers

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Symmetrized dot pattern analysis for the unsteady vibration state in a Sirocco fan unit

Experimental Study on Improving Thermal Environment in Solar Greenhouse with Active–Passive Phase Change Thermal Storage Wall

Numerical Approach for Possible Identification of the Noisiest Zones on the Surface of a Centrifugal Fan Blade

Effect of Gurney Flap Configuration on the Performance of a Centrifugal Fan

Development status and trend of high efficiency grain air-and-screen cleaning device

Aerodynamic Optimization of a Centrifugal Fan Using Response Surface Methodology

Reynolds Averaged Navier–Stokes Simulations of the Airflow in a Centrifugal Fan Using OpenFOAM

Erosion behavior on a large-sized centrifugal fan

A Hybrid Electric Vehicle Motor Cooling System—Design, Model, and Control

Effects of vortex structure on performance characteristics of a multiblade fan with inclined tongue

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