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Resistance to Grinding and Cement Paste Performance of Blends of Clinker, Limestone and Gypsum

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Investigation of the effect of waterborne epoxy resins on the hydration kinetics and performance of cement blends

Towards a business case for CO2 mineralisation in the cement industry

Reply to Discussion “Geopolymers Based on Recycled Glass Powder for Soil Stabilization” Jair de Jesús Arrieta Baldovino, Ronaldo Luis dos Santos Izzo, Juliana Lundgren Rose, and Mônica Angélica Avanci

Optimisation of Water Absorption Parameters of Bagasse, Cocoa Pod Husk and Guinea Fowl Feather Reinforced Hybrid Epoxy Composites using Taguchi Method

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Properties of calcium aluminate blended cement incorporating iron-rich slag: Evolution over a curing period of 1 year

Influence of Industrial and Agricultural by-Products as Cementitious Blends in Self-Compacting Concrete – A Review

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Investigating the potential of low-grade calcined clays to produce durable LC3 binders against chloride ions attack

Hydration behaviour of limestone-calcined clay and limestone-slag blends in ternary cement

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Quantitative assessment of microstructural changes of hydrated cement blends due to leaching and carbonation, based on statistical analysis of image data

Liquid Strength Retrogression Control Additive

Operational Control Method for Managing Homogeneity of Multicomponent Mixtures Based on Optoleptic Photosensitive Scanning of their Surface during Mixing

Effect of Chemical Composition and Network of Fly Ash Glass on the Hydration Process and Properties of Portland-Fly Ash Cement

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The utilization of waste rubber tire powder to improve the mechanical properties of cement-clay composites

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Sustainable stabilization/solidification of arsenic-containing soil by blast slag and cement blends.

Prediction of Loss on Ignition of Ternary Cement Containing Coal Bottom Ash and Limestone Using Central Composite Design

Mitigating alkali-silica reaction induced concrete degradation through cement substitution by metakaolin and bentonite

Study on the Structure of C-S-H Gels of Slag–Cement Hardened Paste by 29 Si, 27 Al MAS NMR

Complex Characterization and Behavior of Waste Fired Brick Powder-Portland Cement System

Predicting the stress-strain behaviour of zeolite-cemented sand based on the unconfined compression test using GMDH type neural network

Reactivity and performance of dry granulation blast furnace slag cement

Parametric ratio optimization and statistical modelling of wear performance in dual-filler particle reinforced epoxy composites

Strength, Carbon Footprint and Cost Considerations of Mortar Blends with High Volume Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag

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Cement Blends 시멘트 혼합
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