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Is Intraoperative Blood Cell Salvage Effective in Hip Surgery? *

A recuperação intraoperatória de células sanguíneas é eficaz em cirurgias de quadril

Cell Salvage sentence examples within Intraoperative Cell Salvage

Biochemical effects of intraoperative cell salvage and autotransfusion during cesarean section: A prospective pilot study

The Safty Profile of Blood Salvage Applied for Collected Blood With Amniotic Fluid During Cesarean Section

Cell Salvage sentence examples within Blood Cell Salvage

P23 Associate Principal Investigators in Trauma Trials

Ultrasonic Bone Scalpel (USBS) Does Not Reduce Blood Loss During Posterior Spinal Fusion (PSF) in Patients with Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS): Randomized Clinical Trial.

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Cell Salvage sentence examples within Operative Cell Salvage

[Evaluation the application of intra-operative cell salvage in cesarean section based on multicenter data].

Safety, efficacy and cost of intra-operative cell salvage during open radical prostatectomy.

Cell Salvage sentence examples within Red Cell Salvage

Blood Conservation and Hemostasis in Cardiac Surgery: A Survey of Practice Variation and Adoption of Evidence-Based Guidelines.

A comparison of haemostatic biomarkers during low-risk patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass using either conventional centrifugal cell salvage or the HemoSep device

Cell Salvage sentence examples within Autologou Cell Salvage

Implementation of an electronic identification system in the setting of perioperative autologous cell salvage transfusion: Experience at a university hospital.

Allogeneic blood transfusion and AIS surgery: how the NSQIP database can improve patient safety.

Cell Salvage sentence examples within cell salvage device

Additional filtering of blood from a cell salvage device is not likely to show important additional benefits in outcome in cardiac surgery

Reduction of exposure to plasticizers in stored red blood cell units

Cell Salvage sentence examples within cell salvage technology

Perioperative Anemia Management for the Onco-Surgical Patient

The compliance with a patient safety bundle for management of placenta accreta spectrum.

Cell Salvage sentence examples within cell salvage blood

Allogeneic blood transfusion and AIS surgery: how the NSQIP database can improve patient safety.

The perioperative efficacy and safety of tranexamic acid in adolescent idiopathic scoliosis.

Obstetric intra‐operative cell salvage: a review of an established cell salvage service with 1170 re‐infused cases

Cost-effectiveness of cell salvage and donor blood transfusion during caesarean section: results from a randomised controlled trial

Traditional and emerging technologies for washing and volume reducing blood products

How do I perform cell salvage in obstetrics?

Idarucizumab for the Reversal of Dabigatran in Patients Undergoing Heart Transplantation

Effects of a surfactant-based gel on acute and chronic paediatric wounds: a panel discussion and case series.

Intraoperative cell salvage use reduces the rate of perioperative allogenic blood transfusion in patients undergoing periacetabular osteotomy

Management of cesarean delivery in a parturient with sickle cell disease.

Postpartum Hemorrhage: What’s New?

Blood Conservation Strategies

Successful resuscitation of a patient with pernicious placenta previa and placenta accreta who had massive life-threatening bleeding during cesarean section

Optimizing surgical management of patients who decline blood transfusion.

Management of the patient presenting with anaemia in the preoperative setting.

Clinical Utility of Autologous Salvaged Blood: a Review

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Role of the Physician in the Blood Center

Maschinelle Autotransfusion

Long-Term Outcomes Among Patients Discharged From the Hospital With Moderate Anemia

Perioperative Blood Management, Red Cell Recovery (Cell Salvage) Practice in an Australian Tertiary Hospital: A Hospital District Clinical Audit.

[Cell salvage : Scientific evidence, clinical practice and legal framework].

Improving blood product utilization at an ambulatory surgery center: a retrospective cohort study on 50 patients with lumbar disc replacement

Obstetric Complications of Donor Egg Conception Pregnancies

Postoperative microcirculatory perfusion and endothelial glycocalyx shedding following cardiac surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass

The Safety and Short-Term Outcomes of Leukocyte Depleted Autologous Transfusions during Radical Cystectomy.

Parallel transverse uterine incisions combined with cell salvage minimized bleeding in a patient with pernicious placenta previa and an unexplained decrease in hemoglobin after transfusion of allogeneic red blood cells

Hemostatic techniques to reduce blood transfusion after primary TKA: a meta-analysis and systematic review

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Cell Salvage 세포 회수

Cell Salvage 세포 회수
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