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Cell Operated sentence examples within Fuel Cell Operated

Harvesting energy from real human urine in a photo-microfluidic fuel cell using TiO2–Ni anode electrode

Enhancement of low grade waste heat recovery from a fuel cell using a thermoelectric generator module with swirl flows

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Mathematical modeling of novel porous transport layer architectures for proton exchange membrane electrolysis cells

Haloalkaliphilic microorganisms assist sulfide removal in a microbial electrolysis cell.

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Highly Stable Li/Li3BO3–Li2SO4 Interface and Application to Bulk-Type All-Solid-State Lithium Metal Batteries

Controlling crystal orientation in multilayered heterostructures toward high electro-catalytic activity for oxygen reduction reaction

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Cell Operated sentence examples within Electrolyzer Cell Operated

Understanding Degradation Effects of Elevated Temperature Operating Conditions in Polymer Electrolyte Water Electrolyzers

High-temperature steam electrolysis combined with methane partial oxidation by solid oxide electrolyzer cells

Simultaneous power generation and pollutant removals using microbial desalination cell at variable operation modes

Enhanced coking resistance of Ni cermet anodes for solid oxide fuel cells based on methane on‐cell reforming by a redox‐stable double‐perovskite Sr2MoFeO6‐δ

Evaluating the performance of Microbial Desalination Cells subjected to different operating temperatures

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Interface and grain boundary degradation in LSM-YSZ composite Solid Oxide Fuel Cell cathodes operated in humidified air

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Cell Operated 셀 운영

Cell Operated 셀 운영
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