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Cavity Coupling sentence examples within Strong Cavity Coupling

Local molecular probes of ultrafast relaxation channels in strongly coupled metalloporphyrin-cavity systems.

Excited-state vibration-polariton transitions and dynamics in nitroprusside

Cavity Coupling sentence examples within cavity coupling strength

Enhancement of Upper Second-Order Sidebands Based on Optomechanically Induced Absorption in a Double-Cavity Optomechanical System

Atom-modulated dynamic optical hysteresis in driven-dissipative systems

Cavity Coupling sentence examples within cavity coupling coefficient

Ultracompact Channel Add-Drop Filter Based on Single Multimode Nanobeam Photonic Crystal Cavity

Entanglement Properties in a Star Structure Coupled Cavities System

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Cavity Coupling sentence examples within cavity coupling noise

Cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy for shocktubes: Design and optimization

Cavity-enhanced absorption sensor for carbon monoxide in a rapid compression machine

Cavity Coupling sentence examples within cavity coupling scheme

A novel gas sensing scheme using near-infrared multi-input multi-output off-axis integrated cavity output spectroscopy (MIMO-OA-ICOS).

Broadband, High-sensitive Spectroscopy by Adaptive Cavity Enhanced Dual-Comb Spectroscopy

Cavity Coupling sentence examples within cavity coupling regime

Vibration-assisted exciton transfer in molecular aggregates strongly coupled to confined light fields.

Strong Photon Blockade Mediated by Optical Stark Shift in a Single-Atom–Cavity System

Cavity Coupling sentence examples within cavity coupling system

Temperature sensor based on light scattering measurement of microcavity-coupled nanoparticles

Controllable four-wave mixing based on quantum dot-cavity coupling system

Hyperradiance by a stream of phase-correlated atomic dipole pairs traversing a high-Q cavity

Coupling Scaling for High-efficient Cnoidal Wave Generation in Microresonators

Microscale whispering-gallery-mode light sources with lattice-confined atoms

A Theoretical Model of Quasicrystal Resonators: A Guided Optimization Approach

Study of microcomb threshold power with coupling scaling

Measure and control of quantum correlations in optomechanics

Strong phonon-cavity coupling and parametric interaction in a single microcantilever under ambient conditions

Polariton assisted photoemission from a layered molecular material: role of vibrational states and molecular absorption

Plasmonic-photonic cavity for high-efficiency single-photon blockade

Local Fisher- and skew-information coherence of two Nitrogen-Vacancy centers induced by two coupled dissipative nanocavities

Optical tomography dynamic for time-dependent coherent states generated by an open qubit-cavity system

Strong single-photon optomechanical coupling in a hybrid quantum system.

Triple-Band Bandpass Filter and Triplexer Using Quad-Ridge Cavity Resonators

Dynamical Casimir Effect in a Dissipative System

Excitation-energy transfer under strong laser drive

Long-lived spin-squeezed states in an trapped-atom clock on a chip

A mechanically stable and tunable cryogenic Fabry-Pérot microcavity.

Continuous quantum light from a dark atom

Enhanced cavity coupling to silicon vacancies in 4H silicon carbide using laser irradiation and thermal annealing

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Light transport by a 3D cavity superlattice in a photonic band gap

Controllable coherent optical response in a ring cavity optomechanical system

Entangling two magnon modes via magnetostrictive interaction

Controlling the Performance of Polymer Lasers via the Cavity Coupling

Quantum Fisher information and coherence of an atom in a dissipative cavity

Extreme spin squeezing in the steady state of a generalized Dicke model

Coupling atoms to cavities with narrow linewidth optical transitions: Applications to frequency metrology

Ultracompact add-drop filters based on single nanobeam cavity

Modulating quantum Fisher information of qubit in dissipative cavity by coupling strength

Tunable quantum routing via asymmetric intercavity couplings

Quantum fluctuations of the friction force induced by the dynamical Casimir emission

Giant lateral shift via atom–cavity coupling

Cavity-enhanced non-destructive detection of atoms for an optical lattice clock.

Noise reduction inside a cavity coupled to a flexible plate with embedded 2-D acoustic black holes

Few-photon Fock-state wave packet interacting with a cavity-atom system in a waveguide: Exact quantum state dynamics

Coupling of photonic crystal cavity and interlayer exciton in heterobilayer of transition metal dichalcogenides

Observation of scalable sub-Poissonian-field lasing in a microlaser

Tip-enhanced strong coupling spectroscopy, imaging, and control of a single quantum emitter

Superconducting quantum bits with artificial damping tackle the many body problem

Quantum Network Nodes Based on Diamond Qubits with an Efficient Nanophotonic Interface.

Cavity-cavity coupling based on a terahertz rectangular subwavelength waveguide

The Dynamical Casimir Effect in Squeezed Vacuum State

Scully-Lamb quantum laser model for parity-time-symmetric whispering-gallery microcavities: Gain saturation effects and nonreciprocity

Robust lasing modes in coupled colloidal quantum dot microdisk pairs using a non-Hermitian exceptional point

Visualization of a cavity-cavity coupling in a LiNbO 3 subwavelength waveguide at THz frequency

Polarization Oscillations in Birefringent Emitter-Cavity Systems.

Quantum speed-up process of atom in dissipative cavity.

Room-temperature valley coherence in a polaritonic system

Incorporation of erbium ions into thin-film lithium niobate integrated photonics.

Radiative cooling of a spin ensemble

Cavity Coupling 캐비티 커플링

Cavity Coupling 캐비티 커플링
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