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The Resistance of Aedes Aegypti to Permethrin 0.25% Insecticide, Malathion 0.8%, and Transfluthrin 25% in the Universitas Islam Bandung Tamansari Campus

The role of antimicrobials in food animals in the emergence of resistant human pathogens

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Palbociclib and cetuximab in platinum-resistant and in cetuximab-resistant human papillomavirus-unrelated head and neck cancer: a multicentre, multigroup, phase 2 trial.

PTEN loss mediates clinical cross-resistance to CDK4/6 and PI3Kα inhibitors in breast cancer.


Abstract 2056: Combined FLT3 and Pim kinase inhibitor treatment downregulates c-Myc early in apoptosis induction in acute myeloid leukemia with FLT3-ITD

Hepatitis B Virus Precore Protein p22 Inhibits Alpha Interferon Signaling by Blocking STAT Nuclear Translocation

Alerting prevalence of MBLs producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates

Management of spasticity with intrathecal phenol injections: The past and the present

Physiological, biochemical and molecular bases of resistance to tribenuron-methyl and glyphosate in Conyza canadensis from olive groves in southern Spain.

Abstract LB-259: FGFR- and EGFR-driven SHP2 activation displays differential sensitivity to allosteric SHP2 inhibition

Hypoxia-induced switch in SNAT2/SLC38A2 regulation generates endocrine resistance in breast cancer

Hyperglycemia associated blood viscosity can be a nexus stimuli.

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A Mathematical Model for Root Canal Preparation Using Endodontic File: Part B

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Causes Resistance 저항을 일으킴

Causes Resistance 저항을 일으킴
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