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Creating a Disaster Chain Diagram from Japanese Newspaper Articles Using Mechanical Methods

Causal Inference from Noise

Causal Knowledge sentence examples within Exploiting Causal Knowledge

Sampling and Remote Estimation for the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process Through Queues: Age of Information and Beyond

Sampling for Remote Estimation through Queues: Age of Information and Beyond

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Model-Based Transfer Reinforcement Learning Based on Graphical Model Representations.

Deriving time-concordant event cascades from gene expression data: A case study for Drug-Induced Liver Injury (DILI)

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Using computable knowledge mined from the literature to elucidate confounders for EHR-based pharmacovigilance

A Reinforcement Learning Approach to Optimize Energy Usage in RF-Charging Sensor Networks

Stochastic-Adversarial Channels: Online Adversaries With Feedback Snooping

The role of causal knowledge in the evolution of traditional technology

A Practical Approach towards Causality Mining in Clinical Text using Active Transfer Learning

Wave Excitation Force Prediction of a Heaving Wave Energy Converter

Interpolating causal mechanisms: The paradox of knowing more.

Modeling configurational explanations

An Actor-Critic Reinforcement Learning Approach to Minimum age of Information Scheduling in Energy Harvesting Networks

Information rate analysis of ASK-based molecular communication systems with feedback

The Plausible Impossible: Chinese Adults Hold Graded Notions of Impossibility

Bounds on the Feedback Capacity of the ($d, \infty$)-RLL Input-Constrained Binary Erasure Channel

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Cognitive Overlay for Inter-system Cellular Dynamic Spectrum Sharing in the Downlink

AI models and the future of genomic research and medicine: True sons of knowledge?

The causal web of foetal alcohol spectrum disorders: a review and causal diagram

Channels with Action Dependent States and Common Reconstructions

Feedback Capacity and Coding for the $(0,k)$ -RLL Input-Constrained BEC

Real and Virtual Clinical Trials: A Formal Analysis

Power Allocation in Massive MIMO System with Energy Harvesting Base Station

Hybrid NOMA for an Energy Harvesting MAC With Non-Ideal Batteries and Circuit Power

Causal Reasoning and Clinical Practice: Challenges from Molecular Biology

KnowSemLM: A Knowledge Infused Semantic Language Model

When causality shapes the experience of time: Evidence for temporal binding in young children.

Objects Design for an Etiognostic Study

Resource Allocation in Energy Harvesting Multiple Access Scenarios via Combinatorial Learning

Adherence to diabetes care: knowledge of biochemical processes has a high impact on glycemic control among adolescents with type-1 diabetes.

Online Policies for Energy Harvesting Receivers With Time-Switching Architectures

Deep RL-Based Time Scheduling and Power Allocation in EH Relay Communication Networks

Origins of the concepts cause, cost, and goal in prereaching infants

LDPC Codes for Interference Channels in the Primary Decodes Cognitive Regime

Energy-Efficient Joint Pushing and Caching Based on Markov Decision Process

Asymptotically Optimal Uncoordinated Power Control Policies for Energy Harvesting Multiple Access Channels With Decoding Costs

Neural Correlates of Causal Confounding

Optimal 3D-Trajectory Design and Resource Allocation for Solar-Powered UAV Communication Systems

MIMO Gaussian State-Dependent Channels with a State-Cognitive Helper

Causal inference and interpretable machine learning for personalised medicine

Structural Causal Bandits with Non-Manipulable Variables

Causal relation extraction and network construction of web events

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Causal Knowledge 인과적 지식

Causal Knowledge 인과적 지식
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