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Photo-catalytic destruction of acetaldehyde using cobalt, copper co-doped titania dioxide nanoparticles beneath Visible light

Dendrimeric rhodamine-derived chemosensor for Au3+

Role of O-containing functional groups in biochar during the catalytic steam reforming of tar using the biochar as a catalyst

Eco-friendly synthesis of Nd2Sn2O7–based nanostructure materials using grape juice as green fuel as photocatalyst for the degradation of erythrosine

Degradation of Sulfamethoxazole Using Iron-Doped Titania and Simulated Solar Radiation

Enhanced photocatalytic bactericidal performance and mechanism with novel Ag/ZnO/g-C3N4 composite under visible light

Dimethyl Ether Conversion into Light Olefins in a Slurry Reactor: Entrainment and Decomposition of Dispersion Liquid

Kinetic and Spectroscopic Studies of Atmospheric Intermediates

Effectual light-harvesting and electron-hole separation for enhanced photocatalytic decontamination of endocrine disruptor using Cu2O/BiOI nanocomposite

Application of N-TiO2 for visible-light photocatalytic degradation of Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii - More difficult than that for photodegradation of Microcystis aeruginosa ?

Grain-like bismuth-rich bismuth/bismuth oxychlorides intra-heterojunction: Efficacious solar-light-driven photodegradation of fluoroquinolone antibiotics and 2-level factorial approach

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Окислительная деструкция ибупрофена в присутствии Фентон-катализатора на основе наночастиц MgFe 2 O 4

Ions-free electrochemically synthetized in aqueous media flake-like CuO nanostructures as SERS reproducible substrates for the detection of neurotransmitters.

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Catalytic Destruction 촉매 파괴

Catalytic Destruction 촉매 파괴
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