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Sorption and condensation of higher hydrocarbons in a Fischer–Tropsch catalyst

Deactivation of Commercial, High-Load o-Xylene Feed VOx/TiO2 Phthalic Anhydride Catalyst by Unusual Over-Reduction

Diffusion properties of aromatic hydrocarbons in mesoporous alumina: A molecular dynamics study

Combined halide-free Cu-based catalysts with triple functions for heterogeneous conversion of methanol into methyl acetate

Burning questions of plasma catalysis: Answers by modeling

Synthesis and Use of Hydrogenated Polymers

Inducing discharges in a micrometer catalyst channel by a helium atmospheric pressure plasma jet

Insight into the Role of Water on the Methylation of Hexamethylbenzene in H‐SAPO‐34 from First Principle Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Enhancement of surface discharge in catalyst pores in dielectric barrier discharges

Catalytic pyrolysis of wood polymer composites over hierarchical mesoporous zeolites

Accumulation of liquid hydrocarbons during cobalt-catalyzed Fischer–Tropsch synthesis - influence of activity and chain growth probability

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Catalyst Pores 촉매 모공

Catalyst Pores 촉매 모공
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