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Influence of Cu addition on the heat treatment response of A356 foundry alloy

Connecting Oxide Bifilms’ Properties from Atomistic Simulations with Virtual Casting of Aluminum

Evaluation of Satisfaction Survey of Decision-Making Meteorological Services in Shaanxi Province, China in 2017

Knowledge Co-production in a Research-to-Operation (R2O) Process for Development of a Great Lakes Ice Forecast: Reflection from a Stakeholder Engagement Workshop

Pengembangan Screencast sebagai Electronic Performance Support System dalam Pemanfaatan Sipejar UM

Evaluation of the Forecast Performance for North Atlantic Oscillation Onset

Global assessments of the NCEP Ensemble Forecast System using altimeter data

The DeepWater Horizon Oil Slick: Simulations of River Front Effects and Oil Droplet Size Distribution

Interactive comment on “ Evaluation of Global Fire Weather Database re-analysis and short-term forecast products

Design and Implementation of Medium-Range Weather Forecast Operational System

Mechanical and material properties of castings produced via 3D printed molds

Solidification and Filling Related Defects Analysis Using Casting Simulation Technique with Experimental Validation

Numerical Simulation on the Single-Crystal Grain Structure of GH4169 Superalloy Steel in the Spiral Grain Selector Using Procast Software

Optimization of reinforcement steel supply to precast concrete plants

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Prediction of Short-Imminent Heavy Rainfall Based on ECMWF Model

Strategi Periklanan Online Shop Garasi Barokah di Media Sosial Instagram

Linking seasonal drought product information to decision makers in a data-sparse region: A case study in the Greater Horn of Africa

Strength and Elastic Properties of Tank-Bed Soil and Lime–Pozzolana-Based Geopolymer Units and Prisms

Marine Forecasting and Fishing Safety: Improving the Fit between Forecasts and Harvester Needs

Sharing Ships’ Weather Data via AIS

The impact of a new high-resolution ocean model on the Met Office North-West European Shelf forecasting system

Predicting seasonal ocean variability around New Zealand using a coupled ocean-atmosphere model

Meteorological Drought Warning Research in Fujian Province, China during 1971-2016

Relationship between Rainfall Variability and the Predictability of Radar Rainfall Nowcasting Models

Inferred inflow forecast horizons guiding reservoir release decisions across the United States

Validation metrics for ice edge position forecasts

Influence of Casting Technology on the Properties of Cast Steel Billet

A State-of-the-Art Review on Manufacturing and Additive Influences on Sand-Cast Components

Development of a fine-resolution atmosphere-wave-ocean coupled forecasting model for the South China Sea and its adjacent seas

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Solution to Technological Problems of Raising the Reliability and Quality of Castings Based on Titanium Alloys

Efeitos da utilização dos princípios da construção enxuta no desempenho operacional das empresas da construção civil: uma pesquisa considerando a percepção de profissionais do Rio Grande do Sul

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