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Wnet ++: A Nested W-shaped Network with Multiscale Input and Adaptive Deep Supervision for Osteosarcoma Segmentation

Multi-path cascaded U-net for vessel segmentation from fundus fluorescein angiography sequential images.

Projection-Based cascaded U-Net model for MR image reconstruction

Towards a computer aided diagnosis (CAD) for brain MRI glioblastomas tumor exploration based on a deep convolutional neuronal networks (D-CNN) architectures

Prediction of Optimal Dosimetry for Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy With a Cascaded Auto-Content Deep Learning Model.

CT Guided Diagnosis: Cascaded U-Net for 3D Segmentation of Liver and Tumor

A Cascaded Deep Learning-Based Artificial Intelligence Algorithm for Automated Lesion Detection and Classification on Biparametric Prostate Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Hybrid Attention Cascaded U-net For Building Extraction from Aerial Images

Study on the Segmentation Method of Multi-Phase CT Liver Tumor Based on Dual Channel U-Nets

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Cascaded U Net 계단식 U 네트

Cascaded U Net 계단식 U 네트
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