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Transitioning and re-membering of academics in times of upheaval

ICD‐11‐related educational activities

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Early human occupations in NW Iberia: The archaeological record of the Lower Miño basin during the second half of the Middle Pleistocene

The Seismica initiative: a community-led Diamond Open Access journal for seismological research

First person – José Britto-Júnior

First person - Asadullah and Sandeep Kumar.

Longitudinal indices of human cognition and brain structure

Materials Horizons Emerging Investigator Series: Professor Kedar Hippalgaonkar, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

First person – Vikas Arige

Future leader to watch – Aaron Savage

Transparency and training in peer review: Discussing the contributions of early-career researchers to the review process

Why have eight researcher women in STEMM left academic research, and where did they go?

First person – Chloe Stanton

Reflecting upon Participatory Design in Human-Robot Collaboration for People with Motor Disabilities: Challenges and Lessons Learned from Three Multiyear Projects

First person – Youwen Zhang

Introduction to effective mentorship for early-career research scientists

Reviewing as a career milestone: a discussion on the importance of including trainees in the peer review process

Establishing CREATE: Lessons learned in setting up a training environment for early-career researchers in respiratory medicine

Unlocking the potential of marine biodiscovery.

First person – Sapna Chhabra

First person – Frederike Riemslagh

First person – Mugagga Kalyesubula and Ramgopal Mopuri

Future Leaders to Watch – Christopher Toepfer and Manuel Schmid

Engaging the next generation of editorial talent through a hands-on fellowship model.

First person – Kun Guo

Seeing is believing: Representation as a powerful tool in the fight against racism in science.

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Career Researcher 경력 연구원

Career Researcher 경력 연구원
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