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How does career future time perspective moderate in the relationship between infection anxiety with the COVID-19 and service behavior among hotel employees?

How to fuel hotel employees’ daily innovative work? The interplay of daily affect and career future time perspective

Is There a Real Need for the Preparatory Years in Higher Education? An Educational Data Analysis for College and Future Career Readiness

The correlation of perceived stress and professional concerns during COVID-19 pandemic among Iranian dentists: the mediating role of cognitive flexibility

Gender Perception, Career Optimism and Career Adaptability Among University Students: The Mediating Role of Personal Growth Initiative

Determining the Relationship Between Career Future and Image Perception of Nursing Profession in Nursing Students

Criminal Justice Student and Alumni Perspectives on Advising

Using Recommender Systems for Matching Students with Suitable Specialization: An Exploratory Study at King Abdulaziz University

Investigation of Career Adaptability According to Conflict Activity Styles

Determining and comparing the degree of awareness, interest and attitude of dentistry and pharmacy students of Tehran Medical universities toward their field of study in basic science and graduation time

Evidencing student success and career outcomes among business and creative industries graduates

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Career Future 경력 미래

Career Future 경력 미래
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