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Care Relationship sentence examples within oral health care

Private or Public Sector Oral Health Care Service Trends in Area with Agro Based Economy in Sri Lanka

Care Relationship sentence examples within Health Care Relationship

Young adults with chronic kidney disease: An exploration of their relationships and support networks

Hospital administration response to physician stress and burnout

Care Relationship sentence examples within Primary Care Relationship

Terminations in Primary Care: a Retrospective Observational Study of 16 Primary Care Clinics

Innovative educational approaches to house calls in the time of COVID‐19

Care Relationship sentence examples within Exploring Care Relationship

Practice guidelines for intramuscular injection in mental health: A delphi method

A reflection on ethical and methodological challenges of using separate interviews with adolescent-older carer dyads in rural South Africa

Care Relationship sentence examples within Palliative Care Relationship

Views and experiences of palliative care clinicians in addressing genetics with individuals and families: a qualitative study

Perceptions of Hematology Among Palliative Care Physicians: Results of a Nationwide Survey.

Care Relationship sentence examples within Patient Care Relationship

Private or Public Sector Oral Health Care Service Trends in Area with Agro Based Economy in Sri Lanka

Obstetrics services in Malaysia: factors influencing patient loyalty

The Security State of the German Health Web: An Exploratory Study

‘Giving and giving back’ at the end-of-life: Reciprocal investments between caregivers and residents in the Swiss nursing home context

[Stories of ordinary beauty.]

Perceptions of risk in pregnancy with chronic disease: A systematic review and thematic synthesis

Taking care. Nursing towards Covid-19 patients during the pandemic emergency in Italy: a qualitative study

Not my usual trip: Ride-hailing characterization in Mexico City

Customer Centricity in Medical Affairs Needs Human-centric Artificial Intelligence

Life under lockdown and social restrictions - the experiences of people living with dementia and their carers during the COVID-19 pandemic in England

The midwife-student mentor relationship: Creating the virtuous circle.

A Case for a Relational Approach in Development Interventions: Measuring the Relationships of an NGO in South Africa

[Competency-based pedagogical approach: illustration applied to the care relationship].

Healthcare professionals and patient information: a fresh look from the new italian law on consent.

Fiction in the making of intimacy in old age: a case from Sri Lanka

Cloud-based physiological sound-controlled intelligent music and blood-pressure control system for assisting family caregivers of dementia patients

[Washing as rehabilitation of the self, between hygiene and aesthetic care].

What matters to people aged 80 and over regarding ambulatory care? A systematic review and meta-synthesis of qualitative studies

Attunement and Paternal Characteristics in Care Relationships in the Presence of Children Diagnosed with Autism

Actions and reactions to obstetric violence: a qualitative study about waterbirth

Evaluation of artificial intelligence clinical applications: Detailed case analyses show value of healthcare ethics approach in identifying patient care issues.

Complicating masculinities: on fatherhood and care

Childcare and depression during the coronavirus pandemic in South Africa: A gendered analysis

‘Giving and giving back’ at the end-of-life

“Is Granny Going Back into the Computer?”: Visits and the Familial Politics of Seeing and Being Seen in South African Transnational Families

Principles of cultural safety

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How to Do Things with Inclination

Brief report: Youth homelessness, youthful caregiving, and resilience

Do oldest old individuals perceive receipt of informal care as a restriction or support of their autonomy?

Healthcare Digitalized

The impact of physical distancing on socially vulnerable people needing care during the COVID-19 Pandemic in the Netherlands

[Scientific medicine and care relationship: From the therapeutic alliance to the therapeutic effect of the alliance].

Cuidado à saúde mental de usuários de drogas: relato de experiência / Mental health care of drug users: experience report

Precarious Care and (Dis)Connections

Aggressiveness in Adopted and Non-Adopted Teens: The Role of Parenting, Attachment Security, and Gender

Exploring Health and Social Service Navigational Barriers Experienced by Children with Intellectual Disabilities: A Discourse Analysis.


Social Justice Politics: Care as Democracy and Resistance

Determinants of the quality of care relationships in long-term care - a participatory study

Petite histoire de la clinique infirmière en psychiatrie

Transformations of Care and Community

Für welche ‚Natur/en‘ sorgen wir? Kritisch feministische Perspektiven auf aktuelle Care-Debatten im sozial-ökologischen Kontext

A qualitative study of the processes by which carers of people with dementia derive meaning from caring

More Care Relationship 케어 관계 sentence examples

La gestión de lo patológico: Itinerarios de la transexualidad

Flourishing in fragile academic work spaces and learning environments: feminist geographies of care and mentoring

A review and analysis of new Italian law 219/2017: ‘provisions for informed consent and advance directives treatment’

Experience of adults and older people with adherence to venous ulcer care.

[Constructing bonds to make a team].

The Participation of Patients and Relatives in Quebec’s Health System: The Montréal Model

[A short history of clinical nursing in psychiatry].

Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing: Data-Driven Policy Platform for a Psychiatric Mental Health Care Workforce

Vaccine Barriers, Vaccine Refusals: Situated Vaccine Decision-Making in the Wake of the 2017 Minnesota Measles Outbreak

Is living well with dementia a credible aspiration for spousal carers?

Working With Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender People in Care Relationships

Infirmiers en Pratique Avancée : le regard des patients – UDPARA

Working Across Borders: Care and Caring in a Complex World

Collaboration between home care staff, leaders and care partners of older people with mental health problems: a focus on personhood.


The relationship between trust in primary care physicians and medication knowledge among diabetic patients.

Sensor-Based Passive Remote Monitoring and Discordant Values: Qualitative Study of the Experiences of Low-Income Immigrant Elders in the United States

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