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Cardiorespiratory Effects of Indoor Ozone Exposure Associated with Changes in Metabolic Profiles among Children: A Repeated-Measure Panel Study

Pneumonia risk in patients receiving clozapine

Exposure of particulate matter (PM10) induces neurodevelopmental toxicity in zebrafish embryos.

Cardiorespiratory Effects of Indoor Ozone Exposure Associated with Changes in Metabolic Profiles among Children: A Repeated-Measure Panel Study


Chemical Constituents and Sources of Indoor PM2.5 and Cardiopulmonary Function in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Estimation of Individual and Joint Effects.

Association of COVID-19 transmission with high levels of ambient pollutants: Initiation and impact of the inflammatory response on cardiopulmonary disease

Cardiopulmonary effects of an intravenous infusion of fentanyl in cats during isoflurane anesthesia and with concurrent acepromazine or dexmedetomidine administration during anesthetic recovery.

Clinical Randomized Comparison of Medetomidine and Xylazine for Isoflurane Balanced Anesthesia in Horses

Comparison of behavioral and cardiopulmonary parameters during immobilization using dexmedetomidine, tiletamine and zolazepam with or without buprenorphine in Siberian tigers (Panthera tigris)

Potential roles of Kruppel-like factors in mediating adverse vascular effects of nanomaterials: A review.

Malondialdehyde in Dried Blood Spots: A Biomarker of Systemic Lipid Peroxidation Linked to Cardiopulmonary Effects

Pneumonia risk in patients receiving clozapine

Continuous Remote Patient Monitoring Shows Early Cardiovascular Changes in COVID-19 Patients

Evaluation of anaesthetic depth and cardiopulmonary effects of propofol infusion rate in Sapajus apella previously chemically contained with dextroketamine‐midazolam

Comparison of Propofol or Isoflurane Anesthesia Maintenance, Combined with a Fentanyl–Lidocaine–Ketamine Constant-Rate Infusion in Goats Undergoing Abomasotomy

Polypharmacy in clozapine‐treated patients

Cardiopulmonary (No Ventilation) and Anesthetic Effects of Dexmedetomidine–Tiletamine in Dogs

Associations between time-weighted personal air pollution exposure and amino acid metabolism in healthy adults.

Cardiopulmonary effects of dexmedetomidine, with and without vatinoxan, in isoflurane-anesthetized cats.

Comparison between total intravenous anesthesia with propofol and intermittent bolus of tiletamine-zolazepam in capuchin monkey (Sapajus apella)

Late Effects of Autologous Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation (AHCT) in Elderly Patients with Lymphoma

An Evidence-Based Approach to Management of Pectus Excavatum and Carinatum

Cardiopulmonary Effects of Fine Particulate Matter Exposure among Older Adults, during Wildfire and Non-Wildfire Periods, in the United States 2008–2010

Effect of various topical anti glaucoma drugs on cardiopulmonary system. A prospective study

Efectos cardiopulmonares y ácido-base de la infusión continua de fentanilo, ketamina y lidocaína en pacientes caninos ASA I

Effects of exposure to direct and secondhand hookah and e-cigarette aerosols on ambient air quality and cardiopulmonary health in adults and children: protocol for a panel study

Effect of three doses of nalbuphine on reversal of sedation and cardiopulmonary effects of morphine-acepromazine in healthy dogs.

Mediterranean Diet and the Association Between Air Pollution and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality Risk

Early Effects of Sacubitril/Valsartan on Exercise Tolerance in Patients with Heart Failure with Reduced Ejection Fraction

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Cardiopulmonary Effects 심폐 효과

Cardiopulmonary Effects 심폐 효과
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