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Detonation synthesis of carbon nano-onions via liquid carbon condensation

Heightening mechanical properties and thermal shock resistance of low–carbon magnesia–graphite refractories through the catalytic formation of nanocarbons and ceramic bonding phases

The characterization of gamma-irradiated carbon-nanostructured materials carried out using a multi-analytical approach including Raman spectroscopy

MWCNTs and carbon onions grown by CVD method on nickel-cobalt alloy nanocomposites prepared via novel alcogel electrolysis technique and its oxygen evolution reaction application

Interrogating the impact of onion-like carbons on the supercapacitive properties of MXene (Ti2CTX)

Nanopores created by carbon onion conductive agent providing enhanced capacitance in supercapacitors

Nanosized titanium niobium oxide/carbon electrodes for lithium-ion energy storage applications

Pulsed direct current field-induced thermal stability and phase transformation of nanodiamonds to carbon onions

Understanding the structural transformation of carbon black from solid spheres to hollow polyhedra during high temperature treatment

Long-term live cells observation of internalized fluorescent Fe@C nanoparticles in constant magnetic field

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Carbon Onion 탄소 양파

Carbon Onion 탄소 양파
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