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In-situ growth of Fe nanoparticles encapsulated by carbon onions with controllable thickness on graphene nanoribbon-reinforced graphene

Obtained Carbon Nano-onions from Underwater Arc Discharge Without the Complex Purification Procedures

Application of magnetic carbon nano-onions in dispersive solid-phase extraction combined with DLLME for extraction of pesticide residues from water and vegetable samples.

Carbon-Based Nanomaterials for Delivery of Biologicals and Therapeutics: A Cutting-Edge Technology

Effect of Sn Doping on Pd Electro-Catalysts for Enhanced Electro-Catalytic Activity towards Methanol and Ethanol Electro-Oxidation in Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells

Covalently Functionalized Carbon Nano-Onions Integrated Gelatin Methacryloyl Nanocomposite Hydrogel Containing γ-Cyclodextrin as Drug Carrier for High-Performance pH-Triggered Drug Release

A comparative study of different carbon materials as metal-free catalysts for oxygen reduction and hydrogen evolution reactions in alkaline media

Carbon Nano-Onion Peroxidase Composite Biosensor for Electrochemical Detection of 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T

Engineering of carbon nano-onion bioconjugates for biomedical applications.

Combined study of the ground and excited states of carbon onions by electron energy-loss spectroscopy: Comparison with highly ordered pyrolytic graphite

Carbon Nano-onions: Potassium Intercalation and Reductive Covalent Functionalization.

Nanostructure quantification of turbostratic carbon by HRTEM image analysis: State of the art, biases, sensitivity and best practices

Removal of hexavalent chromium via an adsorption coupled reduction mechanism using olive oil derived carbon nano-onions

Biocompatibility Study of Electrospun Nanocomposite Membranes Based on Chitosan/Polyvinyl Alcohol/Oxidized Carbon Nano-Onions

Highly sulfonated carbon nano-onions as an excellent nanofiller for the fabrication of composite proton exchange membranes with enhanced water retention and durability

A mild molecular fusion route for the synthesis of polyhedral carbon nano-onions with high graphitization

Carbon nano-onions: Synthesis, characterization, and application

Polyaniline integration and interrogation on carbon nano-onions empowered supercapacitors

Room-temperature synthesis of various allotropes of carbon nanostructures with aid of ultrasonic shock using ethanol and potassium hydroxide

Design, fabrication and drug release potential of dual stimuli-responsive composite hydrogel nanoparticle interfaces.

Linking the Defective Structure of Boron-Doped Carbon Nano-Onions with Their Catalytic Properties: Experimental and Theoretical Studies.

The Interplay between Whey Protein Fibrils with Carbon Nanotubes or Carbon Nano-Onions

Role of nitrogen doping in stoichiometric and defective carbon nano-onions: Structural diversity from DFT calculations

Carbon nano-onions as potential nanocarriers for drug delivery.

Carbon nano-onions as a nanofiller for enhancing thermal conductivity of epoxy composites

Coupling effects of Zn single atom and high curvature supports for improved performance of CO2 reduction

Facile Synthesis of Mayenite Electride Nanoparticles Encapsulated in Graphitic Shells Like Carbon Nano Onions: Non-noble-metal Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction (ORR)

Visible-light photocatalysis by carbon-nano-onion-functionalized ZnO tetrapods: degradation of 2,4-dinitrophenol and a plant-model-based ecological assessment

Photocatalytic Performance of SiO2/CNOs/TiO2 to Accelerate the Degradation of Rhodamine B under Visible Light

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Carbon Nano Onions 탄소나노 양파

Carbon Nano Onions 탄소나노 양파
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