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Carbon Fiber Reinforced sentence examples within glass fiber reinforced

Adhesive strength analysis and real-scale simulation for smart curing in a large turbine blade with carbon fiber-reinforced plastic spar cap

Biomechanical analyses of one-piece dental implants composed of titanium, zirconia, PEEK, CFR-PEEK, or GFR-PEEK: Stresses, strains, and bone remodeling prediction by the finite element method.

Carbon Fiber Reinforced sentence examples within near surface mounted

Application of an interpretable artificial neural network to predict the interface strength of a near-surface mounted fiber-reinforced polymer to concrete joint

Experimental Study of the Effect of High Service Temperature on the Flexural Performance of Near-Surface Mounted (NSM) Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (CFRP)-Strengthened Concrete Beams

Carbon Fiber Reinforced sentence examples within polyether ether ketone

[Three-dimensional finite element analysis of different framework materials in implant-supported fixed mandibular prosthesis].

Additive Manufacturing of Titanium with Different Surface Structures for Adhesive Bonding and Thermal Direct Joining with Fiber-Reinforced Polyether-Ether-Ketone (PEEK) for Lightweight Design Applications

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Carbon Fiber Reinforced sentence examples within high specific strength

Thermoreversible Bonds and Graphene Oxide Additives Enhance the Flexural and Interlaminar Shear Strength of Self-Healing Epoxy/Carbon Fiber Laminates

Interfacial performance enhancement of carbon fiber/epoxy composites by a two-step surface treatment

Carbon Fiber Reinforced sentence examples within fiber reinforced polymer

Structural Performance of Reinforced Concrete (RC) Moment Frame Connections Strengthened Using FRP Composite Jackets

Analytical modeling for the axial compression performance of steel-fiber-reinforced polymer hybrid laminates

Carbon Fiber Reinforced sentence examples within seawater sea sand

Behavior and modeling of CFRP nonuniformly wrapped circular seawater sea-sand concrete (SSC) columns under axial compression

Modelling damage evolution of carbon fiber-reinforced epoxy polymer composites in seawater sea sand concrete environment

Carbon Fiber Reinforced sentence examples within finite element model

Nonlinear Mechanical Responses of Concrete Beams Reinforced with High-Performance CFRP Tendons

Computationally efficient modeling of woven composites under uniaxial stress

Carbon Fiber Reinforced sentence examples within high velocity impact

The effect of hybridization on high-velocity impact response of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer composites using finite element modeling, Taguchi method and artificial neural network

Progressive damage modeling of synthetic fiber polymer composites under ballistic impact

Carbon Fiber Reinforced sentence examples within fiber reinforced plastic

Experimental Evaluation of PSC Structures from FRP with a Prestressing Strengthening Method

Effective treatments for enhancing carbon fiber/epoxy interfacial properties and carbon yarn weavability

Cradle-to-gate life cycle assessment of CFRP reinforcement for concrete structures: Calculation basis and exemplary application

Radiotherapy and Surgical Advances in the Treatment of Metastatic Spine Tumors: A Narrative Review.

The development of nature-inspired gripping system of a flat CFRP strip for stress-ribbon structural layout

A Nano-Micro–Macro Multiscale Modeling for Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Graphene/Epoxy Nanocomposites

Nonlinear vibration analysis of CFRP spherical shell panel under hygrothermal effects

Influence of process parameters on material removal during surface milling of curved carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP) components: evaluated by a novel residual height calculation method

Remanufacturing of recycled carbon fiber-reinforced composites based on fused deposition modeling processes

Impact Toughness of Hybrid Carbon Fiber-PLA/ABS Laminar Composite Produced through Fused Filament Fabrication

Experimental investigation on low-velocity impact behavior of CFRP wraps in presence of concrete substrate


Effect of Infill Ratio on the Tensile and Flexural Properties of Unreinforced and Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polylactic Acid Manufactured by Fused Deposition Modeling

Molecular dynamics investigation on the interfacial shear creep between carbon fiber and epoxy matrix

Numerical analysis of CFRP-confined concrete-filled stainless steel tubular stub columns under axial compression

Hybrid system of longitudinal CFRP laminates and GFRP wraps for strengthening of existing circular concrete columns

Crack formation and measurement in concrete with carbon fiber-reinforced composites under bending test

Multi-mode ultrasonic visualization of porosity in composites using a focused transducer with high sensitivity and near-surface resolution

Experimental investigation of timber beams strengthened by bamboo scrimber with anchorage structure

Process optimization of high-speed dry milling UD-CF/PEEK laminates using GA-BP neural network

Bio-inspired barb structure designed on the surface of carbon fibers to enhance the interfacial properties of composites in multiple scales

Analysis of Carbon Fibers Treatment Technology to Obtain Composites Materials with Metal and Non-Metal Matrix

Compressive bearing capacity and failure mechanism of CFRP–aluminum laminate column with single-channel cross section

An approach for damage initiation and propagation in metal and carbon fiber hybrid composites manufactured by robotic fiber placement

Electromagnetic Interference Shielding Anisotropy of Unidirectional CFRP Composites

Stiff and strong, lightweight bi-material sandwich plate-lattices with enhanced energy absorption

Dosimetry Simulation Research on Electromagnetic Exposure of Wireless Charging Electric Vehicle to Human Central Nervous System

High-frequency vibration effects on the hole integrity in rotary ultrasonic drilling of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic composites.

Eddy-current array-probe technique for imaging near-surface and deep-lying delaminations in multidirectional carbon fiber composites

Tensile and flexural response of 3D printed solid and porous CCFRPC structures and fracture interface study using image processing technique

Data Enhancement via Low-Rank Matrix Reconstruction in Pulsed Thermography for Carbon-fiber-Reinforced Polymers

A Miniaturized Active Thermography System to Inspect Composite Laminates

Stress distribution around different abutments on titanium and CFR-PEEK implant with different prosthetic crowns under parafunctional loading: A 3D FEA study.

The Effect of Crack Orientation on the Propagation of Cracks in Graphene Nanoplatelet Carbon Fiber-reinforced Epoxy Composites Using Digital Image Correlation

Experimental study on cutting force and surface quality in ultrasonic vibration-assisted milling of C/SiC composites

Failure stages in post-tensioned reinforced self-consolidating concrete slab strengthened with CFRP layers

The The Resistance of Fiber-reinforced Concrete with Steel Fibers and CFRP to Drop-weight Impact

Self-sensing Impact Damage in and Non-destructive Evaluation of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymers using Electrical Resistance and the Corresponding Electrical Route Models

Compression tests of C-FRCM jacket confined hollow section RC columns

Experimental and finite element analysis of mechanical behavior of concrete damaged by Alkali Aggregate Reaction (AAR) and repaired with CFRP Layers

Effects of graphene geometrical characteristics to the interlaminar fracture toughness of CFRP laminates

Effect of Microstructure Cutting Edge Tool on CFRP Hole Making Quality

Novel Processing Algorithm to Improve Detectability of Disbonds in Adhesive Dissimilar Material Joints †

Experimental Study on Slender CFRP-Confined Circular RC Columns under Axial Compression

Design and Manufacture of Composite Landing Gear for a Light Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Recycling of Carbon Fiber-reinforced Epoxy Resin-based Composites Using a Benzyl Alcohol/Alkaline System

Use of hollow colloids for generating nanovoids to mitigate the brittle fracture of carbon fiber-reinforced thermoplastics

A CFRP/PZT laminated piezoelectric motor with high force density

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Carbon Fiber Reinforced 탄소 섬유 강화

Carbon Fiber Reinforced 탄소 섬유 강화
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