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Social Capital and Its Effect on Labour Market (Mis)match: Migrants’ Overqualification in Germany

Direct and indirect effects of SEWi, family human capital and social capital on organizational social capital in small family firms

Capital Influence sentence examples within Human Capital Influence

12 Equipping Humans--Optimizing Performance: The Role of Technology in Human Capital

The complementary roles of human capital and institutional quality on natural resource - FDI—economic growth Nexus in the MENA region

Capital Influence sentence examples within Intellectual Capital Influence

Influence of Organizational Culture & Intellectual Capital on Business Performance in Textile Industry of Pakistan

Intellectual capital and the coronavirus crisis: taking a closer look at restaurants’ strategies

Capital Influence sentence examples within Psychological Capital Influence

An Exploratory study of the Influence of Psychological Capital on Indian Entrepreneurs in Developing Crisis Intervention Strategies amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

Examining the impact of psychological capital on workplace outcomes of ethnic minority foodservice employees

Capital Influence sentence examples within Relational Capital Influence

The impacts of relational capital on self-disclosure in virtual communities: A cross-level analysis of key moderators

Nexus between green intellectual capital and green human resource management

Capital Influence sentence examples within Public Capital Influence

The impact of public capital stock on energy consumption: Empirical evidence from Latin America and the Caribbean region

Sovereign Debt Overhang, Expenditure Composition and Debt Restructurings

Capital Influence sentence examples within Cultural Capital Influence

The value of economic and cultural capital to college readiness among Filipino senior high school graduates

A Study on the Effect of Cultural Capital on the Innovative Behavior

The Impact of Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) on Islamic Banks’ Performance in Selected MENA Countries

Social Capital: Higher Resilience in Slums in the Lagos Metropolis

Influence of process parameters of different additive manufacturing techniques on mechanical properties and safety of customised toys

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Capital Influence 자본 영향

Capital Influence 자본 영향
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