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Predicting vineyard canopy coverage using drone pictures

Effects of vegetation covers for outdoor thermal improvement: A Case Study at Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi, Nigeria

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Temporal Changes of Virus-Like Particle Abundance and Metagenomic Comparison of Viral Communities in Cropland and Prairie Soils

Effectiveness of typical plant communities in controlling runoff and soil erosion on steep gully slopes on the Loess Plateau of China

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Response of leaf morphological traits of relict-endemic Symplocos species (S. coccinea and S. speciosa) to elevation and abiotic fluctuations

Estimate of winter-wheat above-ground biomass based on UAV ultrahigh-ground-resolution image textures and vegetation indices

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A Novel Vegetation Point Cloud Density Tree-Segmentation Model for Overlapping Crowns Using UAV LiDAR

Wind Field Distribution of Multi-rotor UAV and Its Influence on Spectral Information Acquisition of Rice Canopies

Canopy Coverage sentence examples within canopy coverage compared

Impact of Foliar Fungicides on Frogeye Leaf Spot Severity, Radiation Use Efficiency and Yield of Soybean in Iowa

An Automatic Field Plot Extraction Method From Aerial Orthomosaic Images

Combining citizen science with spatial analysis at local and biogeographical scales for the conservation of a large-size endemic invertebrate in temperate forests

Effects of Climate Forcing Uncertainty on High-Resolution Snow Modeling and Streamflow Prediction in a Mountainous Karst Watershed

Retrieval of rapeseed leaf area index using the PROSAIL model with canopy coverage derived from UAV images as a correction parameter

Interseeding Camelina and Rye in Soybean with Varying Maturity Provides Soil Cover without Affecting Soybean Yield

Comprehensive Evaluation of the ICESat-2 ATL08 Terrain Product

Canopy occupation volume as an indicator of canopy photosynthetic capacity.

The Role of Canopy Cover Dynamics over a Decade of Changes in the Understory of an Atlantic Beech-Oak Forest

Effects of Topography on Planted Trees in a Headwater Catchment on the Chinese Loess Plateau

A low-cost greenhouse-based high-throughput phenotyping platform for genetic studies: a case study in maize under inoculation with plant growth-promoting bacteria

Shift of seed mass and fruit type spectra along longitudinal gradient: high water availability and growth allometry

Aportes en la toma de decisiones para el manejo forestal con ganadería integrada del bosque de Prosopis caldenia del centro de Argentina

Phenological evaluation methods in native plant species

Forest Canopy Mapping Using Synthetic Aperture Radar by Means of Pulse Coupled Neural Networks


Genetic Relationships Among Physiological Processes, Phenology, and Grain Yield Offer an Insight Into the Development of New Cultivars in Soybean (Glycine max L. Merr)

Combining plant height, canopy coverage and vegetation index from UAV-based RGB images to estimate leaf nitrogen concentration of summer maize

Crop Yield Prediction using Satellite/Uav Synergy and Machine Learning

Evaluation of Trapping Schemes to Detect Emerald Ash Borer (Coleoptera: Buprestidae)

The role of hummocks in re‐establishing black spruce forest following permafrost thaw

Tuber Yield and Stability Assessment of Potato Genotypes in Bangladesh

Reduced-Impact Logging Maintain High Moss Diversity in Temperate Forests

Selection of Suitable Potato Genotypes for Late-Sown Heat Stress Conditions Based on Field Performance and Stress Tolerance Indices

Comparison of aerial and ground sprayer fungicide application technologies on canopy coverage, disease severity, lodging, and yield of corn

Local Geomorphological Gradients and Land Use Patterns Play Key Role on the Soil Bacterial Community Diversity and Dynamics in the Highly Endemic Indigenous Afrotemperate Coastal Scarp Forest Biome

Effect of Strip‐Till Timing, Fertilizer Placement, and Row Spacing on Soybean Seed Yield

Estimation of transpiration and canopy cover of winter wheat under different fertilization levels using thermal infrared and visible imagery

The calibration of the sprayers and the factors involved in coverage uniformity in the vineyard

Comparison of plant and microbial communities between an artificial restoration and a natural restoration topsoil in coal mining subsidence area

Morpho-physiological acclimation to canopy coverage of Araucaria angustifolia during the establishment in the Atlantic Forest, Argentina

Phenotyping of Plant Biomass and Performance Traits Using Remote Sensing Techniques in Pea (Pisum sativum, L.)

Developing the Yield Equation for Plant Breeding Purposes in Soybean (Glycine max L. Merr)

Spatio-temporal distribution and species traits of water beetles along an oligotrophic hydrosystem: a case study

Reflectance variation in boreal landscape during the snow melting period using airborne imaging spectroscopy

Effects of Ziziphus Spina-Christi (L.) on Selected Soil Properties and Sorghum Yield in Habru District, North Wollo, Ethiopia

Estimation of China’s forest stand biomass carbon sequestration based on the continuous biomass expansion factor model and seven forest inventories from 1977 to 2013

Distribución potencial del cerdo asilvestrado, Sus scrofa (Artiodactyla: Suidae) y el pecarí de collar, Pecari tajacu (Artiodactyla: Tayassuidae) en la región de Laguna de Términos, México

Weed control and overstory reduction improve survival and growth of under‐planted oak and hickory seedlings

Vegetation Conditions in Sacred Compounds at Myanmar’s Bagan Cultural Heritage Site

Modelling the ground-LAI to satellite-NDVI (Sentinel-2) relationship considering variability sources due to crop type (Triticum durum L., Zea mays L., and Medicago sativa L.) and farm management

Using a paired tower approach and remote sensing to assess carbon sequestration and energy distribution in a heterogeneous sclerophyll forest.

UAV-Based Automatic Detection and Monitoring of Chestnut Trees

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Canopy Coverage 캐노피 적용 범위

Canopy Coverage 캐노피 적용 범위
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