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Exploring Inclusion of College Students With IDD in Campus Recreation Through the Lens of Recreation Departments’ Organizational Level Stakeholders

Current Priorities in Campus Recreation: A Multi-Institutional Study of Strategic Plans

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Gender Differences in the Relationship Between Exercise, Sleep, and Mood in Young Adults.

Should We Be Concerned About Nonresponse Bias in College Student Surveys? Evidence of Bias from a Validation Study

Factors contributing to gender inequities in physical activity and campus recreation facility use.

Impact of an LGBTQ Campus Recreation Student Employee Training Initiative on Professional Competencies

How Constraints to Campus Recreation Participation Differ Based on Activity Type, Gender, and Citizenship

The Impact of Paralympic Skill Lab on College Student Cognitive Attitudes toward Inclusive Lifetime Sport and Fitness

Exercise Is Medicine on Campus Programs: A Descriptive Study

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Campus Recreation 캠퍼스 레크리에이션

Campus Recreation 캠퍼스 레크리에이션
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