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Cascade and Fusion: A Deep Learning Approach for Camouflaged Object Sensing

D2C-Net: A Dual-branch, Dual-guidance and Cross-refine Network for Camouflaged Object Detection

Camouflage design, assessment and breaking techniques: a survey

MirrorNet: Bio-Inspired Camouflaged Object Segmentation

ACDNet with ASPP for Camouflaged Object Detection

Monocular Depth Estimation through Virtual-world Supervision and Real-world SfM Self-Supervision

High-efficiency holographic metacoder for optical masquerade.

Improved visible to IR image transformation using synthetic data augmentation with cycle-consistent adversarial networks

Anabranch network for camouflaged object segmentation

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Camouflaged Object 위장된 물체

Camouflaged Object 위장된 물체
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