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Primordial Protein Tails.

Molecular determinants for α-tubulin methylation by SETD2

Binding of alpha-ACTN4 to EGF receptor enables its rapid phosphorylation

Assembly of the Non-Canonical Myo9a-RhoGAP and RhoA·GDP Transition State Complex in the Presence of MgF3−

Allosteric Inhibition of the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor.

Structure and functions of T-cell immunoglobulin-domain and mucin- domain protein 3 in cancer.

α-Synuclein emerges as a potent regulator of VDAC-facilitated calcium transport.

Differential Involvement of ACKR3 C-Tail in β-Arrestin Recruitment, Trafficking and Internalization

Structural plasticity of mumps virus nucleocapsids with cryo-EM structures

Regulation of AMPK Activity by CRBN Is Independent of the Thalidomide-CRL4CRBN Protein Degradation Axis

Optimizing the First TPR Domain of the Human SPAG1 Protein Provides Insight into the HSP70 and HSP90 Binding Properties.

Conformational Dynamics of Sclerostin-LRP6 Complex Analyzed by HDX-MS

The Emerging Roles of Axonemal Glutamylation in Regulation of Cilia Architecture and Functions

Palmitoylation targets the Calcineurin phosphatase to the Phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase complex at the plasma membrane

Complete cysteine-scanning mutagenesis of the Salmonella typhimurium melibiose permease

The Microtubule Associated Protein Tau Regulates KIF1A Pausing Behavior and Motility

Structures in G proteins important for subtype selective receptor binding and subsequent activation

Calmodulin extracts the Ras family protein RalA from lipid bilayers by engagement with two membrane-targeting motifs

Membrane Insertion of the M13 Minor Coat Protein G3p Is Dependent on YidC and the SecAYEG Translocase

TBK1 recruitment to STING activates both IRF3 and NF-κB that mediate immune defense against tumors and viral infections

A walk-through MAPK structure and functionality with the 30-year-old yeast MAPK Slt2.

Functional Characterization of Salt‑Stress Induced Rare Cold Inducible Gene from Camelina sativa (CsRCI2D)

Structural features of nucleosomes in interphase and metaphase chromosomes.

Robust designation of meiotic crossover sites by CDK-2 through phosphorylation of the MutSγ complex

The C-terminal tail of the plant endosomal-type NHXs plays a key role in its function and stability.

Kinesin-2 transports Orco into the olfactory cilium of Drosophila melanogaster at specific developmental stages

Failure to Degrade CAT-Tailed Proteins Disrupts Neuronal Morphogenesis and Cell Survival.

Autoregulatory control of microtubule binding in doublecortin-like kinase 1

Structural Insights from Tandem Mass Spectrometry, Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry, and Infrared/Ultraviolet Spectroscopy on Sphingonodin I: Lasso vs Branched-Cyclic Topoisomers.

Crystal structures of influenza nucleoprotein complexed with nucleic acid provide insights into the mechanism of RNA interaction

Activated nanoscale actin-binding domain motion in the catenin–cadherin complex revealed by neutron spin echo spectroscopy

Targeting the Cx26/NANOG/Focal Adhesion Kinase Complex via Cell Penetrating Peptides in Triple Negative Breast Cancers

Syntaxins 6 and 8 facilitate tau into secretory pathways

Stimulation of Variant Forms of the Mitochondrial DNA Helicase Twinkle by the Mitochondrial Single-Stranded DNA-Binding Protein.

Mechanistic insight into light-dependent recognition of Timeless by Drosophila cryptochrome

Tuning flavin environment to detect and control light-induced conformational switching in Drosophila cryptochrome

Cysteine residues in the C-terminal tail of connexin32 regulate its trafficking.

NKX2.1 run‐on mutation associated to familial brain–lung–thyroid syndrome

A novel missense mutation in the gene encoding major intrinsic protein (MIP) in a Giant panda with unilateral cataract formation

Structure and assembly of double-headed Sendai virus nucleocapsids

Sleuthing biochemical evidence to elucidate unassigned electron density in a CBL-SLAP2 crystal complex.

MDMX is essential for the regulation of p53 protein levels in the absence of a functional MDM2 C-terminal tail

High-Throughput Screening to Identify Inhibitors of SSB-Protein Interactions.

The Histone H1-like protein AlgP facilitates even spacing of polyphosphate granules in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Structural and biochemical characterisation of the periplasmic copper chaperone AccA in Neisseria gonorrhoeae

Nuclear magnetic resonance spectral data of the USP7 TRAF and UBL1-2 domains in complex with DNA polymerase ι peptides

Variants Affecting the C-Terminal Tail of UNC93B1 Are Not a Common Risk Factor for Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Histone H2A.X phosphorylation and Caspase-Initiated Chromatin Condensation in late-stage erythropoiesis

Drosophila Keap1 xenobiotic response factor regulates developmental transcription through binding to chromatin.

Phosphoserine aminotransferase has conserved active site from microbes to higher eukaryotes with minor deviations.

The deposition of CENH3 in maize is stringently regulated.

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