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Evaluation of C-shaped canals in mandibular second molars of a selected patient group using cone beam computed tomography: prevalence, configuration and radicular groove types.

Comparison of root and canal anatomy of taurodont and normal molar teeth: A retrospective cone-beam computed tomography study.

Bilaterality and Symmetry of C-Shaped Mandibular Second Molars in a Mexican Maya and Non-Maya Population: A CBCT in vivo Study

Effectiveness of photodynamic therapy on bonding strength and failure modes of fiber-posts in c-shaped treated root canals.

Prevalence and Morphology of C-Shaped Canals: A CBCT Analysis in a Korean Population

Efficacy of root canal treatment in c-shaped canals with adjunctive photodynamic therapy: a micro-CT study.

Effectiveness of various endodontic systems in treating teeth with C-shaped root canals

Prevalence of complex root canal morphology in the mandibular first and second premolars in Thai population: CBCT analysis

Endodontic management of Type-2 and Type-3 C-shaped root canal system in mandibular second molars: A case series

Root canal morphology and variations in mandibular second molars: an in vivo cone-beam computed tomography analysis

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The dental pulp chamber evaluation by using cone-beam computed tomography

Evaluation of fracture strength of different restoration techniques applied to C-shaped 3D model teeth.

Apical microsurgery of C-shaped maxillary first molar: A case report

Comparison of Two Post Preparation Methods in Mandibular Second Molars with a C-shaped Root Canal Configuration.

A Deep Learning Approach to Segment and Classify C-Shaped Canal Morphologies in Mandibular Second Molars Utilizing Cone-Beam Computed Tomography.

Cone‐beam computed tomography evaluation of C-shaped root and canal morphology of mandibular premolars

Root and Canal Morphology of Mandibular Second Molars in a Yemeni Population: A Cone-beam Computed Tomography

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C Shaped Root C 모양의 루트

C Shaped Root C 모양의 루트
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