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Weak convergence rates for an explicit full-discretization of stochastic Allen-Cahn equation with additive noise

Cycloadditions of Oxacyclic Allenes and a Catalytic Asymmetric Entryway to Enantioenriched Cyclic Allenes.

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Knowledge generation through data research: New validation targets for the refinement of kinetic mechanisms

Strong approximation of monotone stochastic partial differential equations driven by white noise

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Efficient numerical scheme for a dendritic solidification phase field model with melt convection

Lewis Acid-mediated Cyclization of Allenyl Aryl Ketones.

Chiral Brønsted Acid Catalyzed Dynamic Kinetic Asymmetric Hydroamination of Racemic Allenes and Asymmetric Hydroamination of Dienes.

Palladium- and Rhodium-Catalyzed Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of Racemic Internal Allenes Towards Chiral Pyrazoles.

Maximum Principle Preserving Exponential Time Differencing Schemes for the Nonlocal Allen-Cahn Equation

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Synergistic Cu/Pd-Catalyzed Asymmetric Allenylic Alkylation of Azomethine Ylides for the Construction of α-Allene-Substituted Nonproteinogenic α-Amino Acids.

Regioselectivity Switch in Palladium-Catalyzed Allenylic Cycloadditions of Allenic Esters: [4+1] or [4+3] Cycloaddition/Cross-Coupling.

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Convergence rate for Galerkin approximation of the stochastic Allen-Cahn equations on 2D torus

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A novel decoupled and stable scheme for an anisotropic phase-field dendritic crystal growth model

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Singular stochastic Allen–Cahn equations with dynamic boundary conditions

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Exponential basis and exponential expanding grids third (fourth)-order compact schemes for nonlinear three-dimensional convection-diffusion-reaction equation

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Temporal Relations Between Imprecise Time Intervals: Representation and Reasoning

Palladium-Catalyzed Sequential Twofold Nucleophilic Substitution on 3-Bromopenta-2,4-dienyl Phosphate: Preparation of C1- and C2-Symmetric Doubly Functionalized Allenes.

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Optimal Error Estimates of Galerkin Finite Element Methods for Stochastic Allen–Cahn Equation with Additive Noise

Sodium Diisopropylamide-Mediated Dehydrohalogenations: Influence of Primary- and Secondary-Shell Solvation.

Additions of Carbohydrate-Derived Alkoxyallenes to Imines and Subsequent Reactions to Enantiopure 2,5-Dihydropyrrole Derivatives

Photoredox-Catalyzed Hydrosulfonylation of Arylallenes.

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Ontology-based representation and reasoning about precise and imprecise temporal data: A fuzzy-based view

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Rhodium(I)-Catalyzed Enantioselective Hydroacylation of Racemic Allenals via Dynamic Kinetic Resolution.

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