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Long-term consequences of goose exclusion on nutrient cycles and plant communities in the High-Arctic

Shrubs covered by snow in the high Arctic cool down permafrost in winter by thermal bridging through frozen branches

Demography of the enigmatic low phase in a cyclic lemming population

Extensive daily movement rates measured in territorial arctic foxes

Comment on essd-2021-54

Meteorological, snow and soil data (2013–2019) from a herb tundra permafrost site at Bylot Island, Canadian high Arctic, for driving and testing snow and land surface models

Radiogenic isotope chemostratigraphy reveals marine and nonmarine depositional environments in the late Mesoproterozoic Borden Basin, Arctic Canada

Origin, burial and preservation of late Pleistocene-age glacier ice in Arctic permafrost (Bylot Island, NU, Canada)

Using Near Infrared for Studying Lemming Subnival Behavior in the High Arctic

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Bylot Island 바이롯 아일랜드

Bylot Island 바이롯 아일랜드
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