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Buildings Equipped sentence examples within Residential Buildings Equipped

Are Trombe walls suitable passive systems for the reduction of the yearly building energy requirements

Operating behavior and corresponding performance of portable air cleaners in residential buildings, China

Buildings Equipped sentence examples within Smart Buildings Equipped

A two-stage IGDT/TPEM model for optimal operation of a smart building: A case study of Gheshm Island, Iran

Probabilistic seismic collapse and residual drift assessment of smart buildings equipped with shape memory alloy connections

Buildings Equipped sentence examples within Tall Buildings Equipped

Viscous-Tuned Hybrid Structural Vibration Mitigation System: Wind-Induced Response Analyses Method and Case Study

Performance-based design with life-cycle cost assessment for damping systems integrated in wind excited tall buildings

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Buildings Equipped sentence examples within Rise Buildings Equipped

Development of a high-performance hybrid self-centering building for seismic resilience

Seismic performance of optimal Multi-Tuned Liquid Column Damper-Inerter (MTLCDI) applied to adjacent high-rise buildings

Numerical Investigation of Energy Dissipation Device to Improve Seismic Response of Existing Steel Buildings with Soft-First-Story

Development and parametric study of a new self-centering rotational friction damper

Seismic progressive collapse mitigation of buildingsusing cylindrical friction damper

Covering the Gap for an Effective Energy and Environmental Design of Green Roofs: Contributions from Experimental and Modelling Researches

Seismic Risk Assessment of Actively Controlled Buildings under Probable Mainshock-Aftershock Scenarios during their Lifetime

Thermal Comfort Aware Online Energy Management Framework for a Smart Residential Building

Self-propelled inspection vehicle on omni wheels

Heat Fluxes in a Green Façade System: Mathematical Relations and an Experimental Case

Price and carbon-based energy flexibility of residential heating and cooling loads using model predictive control

Advanced two-step integrated optimization of actively controlled nonlinear structure under mainshock–aftershock sequences

The effect of including hydronic radiator dynamics in model predictive control of space heating

Energy-consumption simulation of a distributed air-conditioning system integrated with occupant behavior

Large-scale demonstration of precise demand response provided by residential heat pumps

Modelling of Thermal Energy Demand in Smart Buildings

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Buildings Equipped 설비된 건물

Buildings Equipped 설비된 건물
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