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Avascular femoral necrosis as part of Cushing syndrome presentation: a case report


Antiretroviral therapy associated lipodystrophy; learning from the past

Adrenal Crisis in Long Term Use of Exogenous Steroid With Inappropriate Tapering off Process

Cushing’s Disease: Not Always Black and White

Pseudo-Cushing’s state in a patient with non-functioning pituitary adenoma



Iatrogenic Cushing syndrome following lumbar medial branch block in a patient with HIV on ritonavir and darunavir.

Pleurihormonal Pituitary Adenomas Presenting as Acromegaly

Buffalo Hump

Hidden hypercortisolism: a too frequently neglected clinical condition

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The Buffalo Hump of Cushing Syndrome

Total thyroidectomy in HIV positive patient with buffalo hump and taurine neck

ACTH-producing adenoma of the pituitary gland manifesting as severe insulin resistance

Iatrogenic Cushing Syndrome due to Application of Potent Topical Corticosteroid: A Case Report

SAT-087 Familial Generalized Lipodystrophy in Two Siblings Due to Homozygous p.Arg545His LMNA Mutation

Clinical outcome after lipectomy in the management of patients with human immunodeficiency virus-associated dorsocervical fat accumulation

Case Report on Steroid Induced Cushing Syndrome

MON-411 Psychological Disturbance And Weight Gain; Early Identification Of Cushing’S Disease In A Teenage Patient.

SUN-182 When Insulin Is Not Enough...

Rare cause of severe hypertension in an adolescent boy presenting with short stature: Questions

Cushing Syndrome: A Potential Risk of Bilateral Postoperative Ischemic Optic Neuropathy after Lumbar Fusion

A Stratified Approach for Cushing’s Syndrome Diagnosis

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[Subacute myopathy in a patient with mild Cushing disease manifested by accompanying Kleinfelter syndrome].

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