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ESwift: Smart and Self-Stabilizing Water-Wind Floating Turbine

Christopher Martine —Recipient of the 2018 Peter Raven Award

Deep neural networks can predict mortality from 12-lead electrocardiogram voltage data

Student Experience and Learning with a Formative Sustainable Design Rubric

Cretaceous to Miocene magmatism, sedimentation, and exhumation within the Alaska Range suture zone: A polyphase reactivated terrane boundary

Cenozoic tectono-thermal history of the southern Talkeetna Mountains, Alaska: Insights into a potentially alternating convergent and transform plate margin

Mach Field Sensor / Detector and Results

Board 9 : Measuring Change : Research Updates Helping Engineering Students Tackle Complex , Sustainability Problems

Subduction Polarity in Ancient Arcs: A Call to Integrate Geology and Geophysics to Decipher the Mesozoic Tectonic History of the Northern Cordillera of North America

Towards a global health practice based on the liberation and sovereignty of populations under siege: a theoretical analysis

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Bucknell University 버크넬 대학교

Bucknell University 버크넬 대학교
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