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A reduction method for magnetic disturbance caused by DC railway system

Broadband power generation of piezoelectric vibration energy harvester with magnetic coupling

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Self-sustained autonomous wireless sensing based on a hybridized TENG and PEG vibration mechanism

Surface Wave Reduction in Integrated Microstrip Patch Antenna at 60GHz Band

Design of Wideband Antenna Array with Dielectric Lens and Defected Ground Structure

Analysis of a Miniaturized Modified Multifrequency Printed Antenna with Broadband Characteristics for WLAN Application

Fast Analysis of Broadband Electromagnetic Scattering Characteristics of Electrically Large Targets using Precorrected Fast Fourier Transform Algorithm based on Near Field Matrix Interpolation Method

Design and validation of a self-powered device for wireless electronically controlled pneumatic brake and onboard monitoring in freight wagons

A Broadband Millimeter-Wave SIW Antenna for 5G Mobile Communication

Multilayer LCP Millimeter-Wave Broadband Reflectionless Bandpass Filter Based on Broside Coupling

Selective 1H-14N Distance Measurements by 14N Overtone Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy at Fast MAS

Analysis of Denoising Methods of Underwater Acoustic Pulse Signal Based on Wavelet and Wavelet Packet

MACKEY II fed inside AMC substrate

Broadband photon–magnon coupling using arrays of photon resonators

MACKEY II model with reduced thickness

ESPRIT-based fast broadband measurement method

An Effective Analysis Method for Millimeter-Wave Broadband Mixers

Structural, magnetic and microwave absorption properties of natural iron sand

Broadband High-Efficiency RF Rectifier With a Cross-Shaped Match Stub of Two One-Eighth-Wavelength Transmission Lines

Inverse design of a Helmholtz resonator based low-frequency acoustic absorber using deep neural network

Cavitation and Induced Excitation Force of Ice-Class Propeller Blocked by Ice

Design of Single-Layer Broadband Omnidirectional Metasurface Antenna Under Single Mode Resonance

Performance Comparison of Microstrip Patch Antenna Using h-BN Nanoceramic Substrate and FR4 Substrate

High Reliability UWB Monopole Antenna Using Planar Embedded Resistance for Mars Subsurface Exploration

Broad band gaps for flexural wave manipulation in plates with embedded periodic strip acoustic black holes

Design of the broadband pattern of a cymbal transducer array

Synchronous Machine Winding Modeling Method Based on Broadband Characteristics

Broadband Equal-Split Planar 4-Way Power Divider/Combiner Suitable for High Power Applications

A novel feedforward hybrid active sound quality control algorithm for both narrowband and broadband sound-profiling

Investigation of Broadband Circularly-Polarized Unbalanced Dipole Antenna Consisting of Semicircular and Trapezoidal Elements

A Wideband Polarization-Reconfigurable Water Dielectric Resonator Antenna

Broadband energy harvesting by nonlinear magnetic rolling pendulum with subharmonic resonance

Fractal Based Frequency Selective Surface with Broadband Characteristics

Broadband metamaterial absorber on a single-layer ultrathin substrate

Integrated photonic and plasmonic technologies for microwave signal processing enabling mm-wave and sub-THz wireless communication systems

Effects of Split Position on the Performance of a Compact Broadband Printed Dipole Antenna with Split-Ring Resonators

Wireless Interconnect in Electronic Systems

An Improved Broadband Circularly Polarized Cross-Dipole Antenna With An AMC Reflector

X-Band Metamaterial Wideband Polarization Insensitive Thin Absorber using Lumped Resistors

Analysis of echolocation click signals of Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops aduncus) in Jeju Island

Flexible and Low Profile Antenna with AMC for Wireless Body Area Network Applications

The Design of S band Low Sidelobe Rectangular Waveguide Slot Phased Array Antenna

Experimental and Numerical Studies on Flow Characteristics of Centrifugal Pump under Air-water Inflow

A 8-12GHz 4-Element SiGe BiCMOS Multi-Function Chip for Phased Array Systems

Enhancement of vibration based energy harvesting using compound acoustic black holes

Ultra-broadband red to NIR photoemission from multiple bismuth centers in Sr2B5O9Cl:Bi crystal.

Compact Uniplanar Rat-Race Circuit Utilizing Shunt Capacitors and Crossover-Type Phase Inverter

Study of X-Band Broadband Branch-Line Coupler Utilizing Two-Stage Coupled-Transmission Lines

Liquid Metal Broadband Monopole for Stretchable Electronics

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Broadband Characteristics 광대역 특성

Broadband Characteristics 광대역 특성
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