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Disintegration co-flowing gas-liquid jet coupled with forced perturbation

The influence of elliptical and circular orifices on the transverse jet characteristics at supersonic crossflow

Morphology and flow behavior of buoyant bubble plumes

Ejection and breakup behaviors of a novel direct contact thermal storage using ejection PCM

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Deformation and breakup of a compound droplet in three-dimensional oscillatory shear flow

Asymmetric behaviors of interface-stabilized slug pairs in a T-junction microchannel reactor

Are You Going to Delete Me? Latent Profiles of Post-Relationship Breakup Social Media Use and Emotional Distress.

Breakup Behaviors of Viscoelastic Polymer Droplets in 3-D Pore Throat Structure Microchannel

Enhancing liquid droplet breakup by hydrophobic wire mesh: Visual study and application in a rotating packed bed

Spontaneous termination of chaotic spiral wave dynamics in human cardiac ion channel models

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Breakup Behavior 이별 행동

Breakup Behavior 이별 행동
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