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Breakdown Characteristic sentence examples within uniform electric field

Power Frequency Breakdown Characteristics of SF6/CO2/N2 and CF3I/NO2/N2 at Different Mixing Ratios

Impulse-Breakdown Characteristics of a High-Power Gas Switch Based on Graphene Cathode

Breakdown Characteristic sentence examples within mixed insulation oil

Power frequency breakdown characteristics of new 3-element mixed insulation oil and oil-impregnated pressboard

Breakdown Characteristic sentence examples within Dielectric Breakdown Characteristic

Dielectric breakdown properties of Al-air mixtures

Drastic reliability improvement using H2O2/UV treatment of HfO2 for heterogeneous integration

Breakdown Characteristic sentence examples within State Breakdown Characteristic

GaN/InGaN double quantum well (DQW) gate structure for GaN-on-Si based normally-off AlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs)

Analysis of Dependence of Breakdown Voltage on Gate–Drain Distance in AlGaN/GaN HEMTs With High-k Passivation Layer

Breakdown Characteristic sentence examples within Frequency Breakdown Characteristic

Effect of Oxygen on Power Frequency Breakdown Characteristics and Decomposition Properties of C5-PFK/CO2 Gas Mixture

Experimental investigation of the frequency breakdown characteristics of C4-PFN/CO2 mixtures under the nonuniform electric field

Breakdown Characteristic sentence examples within Ac Breakdown Characteristic

The Dielectric Properties Improvement of Cable Insulation Layer by Different Morphology Nanoparticles Doping into LDPE

Significantly Improved Electrical Breakdown Strength of Natural Ester Liquid Dielectrics by Doping Ultraviolet Absorbing Molecules

Breakdown Characteristic sentence examples within Device Breakdown Characteristic

Investigation of breakdown voltage degradation in low-voltage narrow gate trench MOSFET by edge termination optimization

Study of 7V Device Application based on 0.18um Platform Process

Breakdown Characteristic sentence examples within Reverse Breakdown Characteristic

A design of high voltage pre-regulator circuit for LED driver

Systematic Design and Parametric Analysis of GaN Vertical Trench MOS Barrier Schottky Diode With p-GaN Shielding Rings

Breakdown Characteristic sentence examples within Impulse Breakdown Characteristic

Effect of ZnO Nanoparticles on Impulse Breakdown Characteristics of Mineral Oil

Impulse Breakdown Characteristics of Double Vacuum Gaps in Series with Asymmetric Distribution

Breakdown Characteristic sentence examples within Gap Breakdown Characteristic

Impulse Discharge Voltage Prediction of Air Gaps

Power Frequency Breakdown Voltage Prediction of Air Gaps

Breakdown Characteristic sentence examples within Dc Breakdown Characteristic

Negative DC Breakdown Characteristics of C3F7CN / CO2 Gas Mixture for Application in High Voltage Accelerators

Investigation of the Thickness Effect on DC Breakdown Strength for HVDC Flexible Cable Insulation Associated with Space Charge

Breakdown Characteristic sentence examples within Voltage Breakdown Characteristic

The Effect of Temperature on the Electrical Characteristics of Nanofluids Based on Palm Oil

Experimental Evaluation and Tests on Ester oil for Non-vacuum Tap Changer

Analysis and research on failure of B-phase lower bridge arm through wall casing in converter station

AlN/GaN Superlattice Channel HEMTs on Silicon Substrate

Study on Current Carrying Capacity of a Novel Interconnect Material ZrTe3

Dielectric Properties of HFC-134a mixtures with CO2 as a possible SF6-substitute gas

Partial discharge breakdown characteristics under needle–plate defect configuration

Modified Molecular Chain Displacement Analysis Employing Electro-Mechanical Threshold Energy Condition for Direct Current Breakdown of Low-Density Polyethylene

Process Improvement for Stabilizing the VLD Effective Dose of 4500V Trench-Gated IGBT Platform

Effect of wave oscillation on breakdown characteristics of oil-impregnated paper under lightning impulse voltage

Analytical Breakdown Voltage Model for Partial SOI-LDMOS Transistor with Buried Oxide Step Structure

Effect of Floating Metallic Particles in Pre-Breakdown and Breakdown Characteristics of Oil Transformer under DC Voltage

Study on Discharge Characteristics of Multilayer Oil-paper under High Frequency Pulse Voltage

Terahertz GaN Schottky Varactor Based on Inverted Trapezoidal Metal-brim Terminal Structure

Effect of Particles on Discharge Characteristics of SF6/N2 Mixed Gas under Power Frequency Voltage

Study on the Lightning Strike Discharge Characteristics of Air Gap at Low Air Pressure Condition

Simulation Study of Space Charges Dynamic Measurement

Computational analysis of direct current breakdown process in SF6 at low pressure

Experimental investigation of thermal effect on cavitation characteristics in a liquid rocket engine turbopump inducer

Novel Low Loss LIGBT With Assisted Depletion N-Region and P-Buried Layer

Delayed Discharge Bridging Two Sputtering Modes from Modulated Pulsed Power Magnetron Sputtering (MPPMS) to Deep Oscillation Magnetron Sputtering (DOMS)

Influence of Graded AlGaN sub-channel over the DC and Breakdown characteristics of a T-gated AlGaN/GaN/AlInN MOS-HEMT

Study and evaluation on comprehensive characteristics of different common fluorides as possible SF$$_{6}$$-substitute for power application

Experimental Study on Static and Dynamic Characteristics of Ga2O3 Schottky Barrier Diodes With Compound Termination

BiFeO3/Al2O3 gate stack for metal-ferroelectric-insulator-silicon memory FET for IoT applications

High Performance $\beta$-Ga2O3 Vertical Rectifier With Double Step Structure Termination Using Thermally Oxided TiOx Dielectrics

A dual-gate and Γ-type field plate GaN base E-HEMT with high breakdown voltage on simulation investigation

Experimental Investigation of the Triple-Junction Effect on the Electric Discharge Characteristics and Modeling of the Maximum Discharge Current

Gate stacked dual-gate MISHEMT with 39 THz·V Johnson’s figure of merit for V-band applications

Effects of Temperature Gradient on Electrical Tree Initiation and Breakdown Phenomenon in XLPE Under Harmonic Superimposed DC Voltage

Effect of Surface State on DC Breakdown Characteristics of Thermally Aged Double-Layered Polyester Films

Performance prediction of InP/GaAsSb double heterojunction bipolar transistors for THz applications

Laboratory study on negative spark inception direction and breakdown characteristics in rod–rod air gaps

Effect of jagged field plate structures on DC and RF performance of AlGaN/GaN HEMTs

Analysis of Vortex Burst Phenomena on Generic Hybrid Delta Wing Planforms at Subsonic Speeds

Influence of Molecule Structure on Lightning Impulse Breakdown of Ester Liquids

Inter and Intra Varietal Variation in Textural Characteristics of Carrots: a Standard Food in Chewing Studies

Middle of the Line Dielectrics Reliability and Percolation Modelling through 65nm to 28nm Nodes

Characteristics of the secondary breakdown of DP-LIBS in bulk water with different axial focusing arrangements and laser energies

Investigation of electrical and mechanical properties of silver-hexagonal boron nitride/EPDM composites

Investigations of Particle-Initiated Insulation Breakdowns in Bearings

Floating Metal Particle Motion Characteristics with Shape and Size Variation in the Oil Insulation Under DC Voltage

Simulation, Generation and Measurement of Oscillated Lightning Impulse Voltage

Trap Distribution and Breakdown Characteristics of Direct-Fluorinated PI Film for DC-HTSFCL

Gate and barrier layer design of E-mode GaN HEMT with p-GaN gate structure