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The canonical pairs of bounded depth Frege systems

Representations of Monotone Boolean Functions by Linear Programs

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On the Power of Symmetric Linear Programs

On the Power of Symmetric Linear Programs

BooLigero: Improved Sublinear Zero Knowledge Proofs for Boolean Circuits

A Compilation of Succinctness Results for Arithmetic Circuits

Three Halves Make a Whole? Beating the Half-Gates Lower Bound for Garbled Circuits

Efficient Private Function Evaluation

Explainability Queries for ML Models and its Connections with Data Management Problems (Invited Talk)

More Communication Lower Bounds for Information-Theoretic MPC

Learning Boolean Circuits from Examples for Approximate Logic Synthesis

The Computational Complexity of Understanding Binary Classifier Decisions

Wolverine: Fast, Scalable, and Communication-Efficient Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Boolean and Arithmetic Circuits

Chapter 27. Non-Clausal SAT and ATPG

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Tracing Reasoning Processes

Efficient Conversion of Boolean Circuits to Nondeterministic Branching Programs

Evaluation of Circuits on the Reconfigurable Mesh

The word problem of the Brin-Thompson groups is coNP-complete

On the Impossibility of Approximation-Resilient Circuit Locking

Pseudo-Mixing Time of Random Walks

Shorter Pairing-Based Arguments Under Standard Assumptions

Piezophototronic gated optofluidic logic computations empowering intrinsic reconfigurable switches

LevioSA: Lightweight Secure Arithmetic Computation

MArBled Circuits: Mixing Arithmetic and Boolean Circuits with Active Security

Computational Complexity of Real Powering and Improved Solving Linear Differential Equations

Practical Fully Secure Three-Party Computation via Sublinear Distributed Zero-Knowledge Proofs


Modeling Pattern Set Mining Using Boolean Circuits

Fully homomorphic encryption over the integers for non-binary plaintexts without the sparse subset sum problem

Communication Lower Bounds for Statistically Secure MPC, with or without Preprocessing

A calculus for Esterel: if can, can. if no can, no can.

Lower bounds for lengths of single tests for Boolean circuits

Robust Chemical Circuits

Feasible set functions have small circuits

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Boolean Circuits 부울 회로

Boolean Circuits 부울 회로
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