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Determinants of online hotel booking intentions: website quality, social presence, affective commitment, and e-trust

Factors Influencing Intentions in Hotel Booking Through Online Travel Intermediaries Applications

Booking Intention sentence examples within Online Booking Intention

The Effect of E-Servicescape, Website Trust and Perceived Value on Consumer Online Booking Intentions: The Moderating Role of Online Booking Experience

Application of theory of planned behavior to study online booking behavior

Examining the impact of visual presentations and online reviews on hotel booking intentions

Recovery of domestic tourism during the COVID-19 pandemic: An experimental comparison of interventions

When positive reviews backfire: The effect of review dispersion and expectation disconfirmation on Airbnb guests’ experiences

Attraction, Social Presence, Sociability, and Booking Intentions: The Moderating Role of Homophily

Hotel virtual reality advertising: a presence-mediated model and gender effects

How old is your soul? Differences in the impact of eWOM on Generation X and millennials

Beyond the Lexical Sense of Online Reviews: The Role of Emoticons and Consumer Experience

Travel booking intentions and information searching during COVID-19

Service robots and COVID-19: exploring perceptions of prevention efficacy at hotels in generation Z

Sharing Unfairly: Racial Bias on Airbnb and the Role of Comments

Trusting Online Reviews Enhances Intention to Book Online: The Perks of Seeking Information?

Emoticons are not for everyone: The role of congruence between hotel brand positioning strategies and communication style in enhancing customers’ brand attitude and booking intention

Enhancing the customer experience with virtual and augmented reality: The impact of content and device type

Exploring the Relationship among Online Review, Perceived Barriers, Customer Experience, and Purchase Intention of Online Booking Consumers Customer Value as a Mediator

Participation in the Sharing Economy Revisited: The Role of Culture and Social Influence on Airbnb

The impact of consumers’ attitudes towards technology on the acceptance of hotel technology-based innovation

The impact of word of mouth when booking a hotel: could a good friend’s opinion outweigh the online majority?


Microcelebrity: The Impact of Information Source, Hotel Type, and Misleading Photos on Consumers’ Responses

Price Fairness in the Era of the Sharing Economy

Presenting hotels in virtual reality: does it influence the booking intention?

The Role of Photograph Aesthetics on Online Review Sites: Effects of Management- versus Traveler-Generated Photos on Tourists’ Decision Making

The impacts of e-atmospherics on emotions and on the booking intentions of hotel rooms

Colour in Online Advertising: Going for Trust, Which Blue is a Must?

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Booking Intention 예약 의도

Booking Intention 예약 의도
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