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Carrier Liability for Death or Injury: A Comparison

Agent Based Onboard Firefighting System

Soldiers’ physical activity of daily life: a systematic literature review

Parameters Evaluation in 3D Spare Parts Printing

SRTP assessment of passenger ships: a simulation tool

Safety Leadership as a Means for Safe and Sustainable Shipping

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Perceived hazardous physical work environments and job-related affective well-being of navy officers aboard the Republic of Korea Navy ships and submarines in South Korea

New Aspects of Progress in the Modernization of the Maritime Radio Direction Finders (RDF)

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Application of fuzzy DEMATEL method for analysing of accidents in enclosed spaces onboard ships

Telemedicine for Pre-Employment Medical Examinations and Follow-Up Visits on Board Ships: A Narrative Review on the Feasibility

Stability Design of Air Vibration Isolation Device for a High Power Density Main Engine

“Se puede vivir sin respirar”. Contexto teórico y marco práctico de los buzos en la Real Armada española en el siglo XVIII

Prevention and Control of COVID-19 Pandemic on International Cruise Ships: The Legal Controversies

Marine Waste—Sources, Fate, Risks, Challenges and Research Needs

Impact of Interfacial Tension and Critical Micelle Concentration on Bilgewater Oil Separation

Eating behaviour and weight development of European and Asian seafarers during stay on board and at home

CR CyberMar as a Solution Path towards Cybersecurity Soundness in Maritime Logistics Domain

Theoretical and practical aspects relating to occupational accidents aboard ships

Evaluation of PNT Error Limits Using Real World Close Encounters from AIS Data

Silent Ships - a New Challenge for the Shipbuilding Industry

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The design of the C mobile earth station simulator based on C language

A Review of Biofouling of Ships’ Internal Seawater Systems

Self-Reported Modifiable Risk Factors of Cardiovascular Disease among Seafarers: A Cross-Sectional Study of Prevalence and Clustering

Systematic Review on Outbreaks of SARS-CoV-2 on Cruise, Navy and Cargo Ships

An innovative approach for the biological risk management on-board ships during COVID-19 crisis

A Qualitative Examination of Factors That Influence Sleep Among Shipboard Sailors.

Real-Time Ship Motion Forecasting Using Deep Learning

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Considerations Regarding Pollution Caused by Ships in the Romanian Danube Sector

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Onboard ship noise: Acoustic comfort in cabins

An innovative tool for the evaluation and comparison of different fuels and technologies onboard ships

Shipyard site selection by raster calculation method and AHP in GIS environment, İskenderun, Turkey

[Air and maritime transport during the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany: challenges for the public health service].


Dynamic optimization of synthesis, design and operation of marine energy systems

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More in-depth analytical investigations of two Effective Harmonics Filters for More Electric Marine Vessel Applications

Working with Multinational and Multicultural Crews: a Croatian Seafarers’ Perspective

Shock and Vibration Prevention Using Angular Mounts with Different Types of Oil-Based Elastomers

Turbulent Flow Numerical Simulation for Unconventional Propulsion

Are we underestimating the cardiovascular risks of seafarers?

A Systematic Review for Vaccine-Preventable Diseases on Ships: Evidence for Cross-Border Transmission and for Pre-Employment Immunization Need

Design and Development of Printed Antennas for Satellite-Based AIS Applications

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Neural Network Model of carbon monoxide distribution in onboard a RO-RO Ship Garage

New observational insights into the atmospheric circulation over the Euro-Atlantic sector since 1685

Optimization of Hull Structure and Noise Control Measures for Noise in Accommodation Space

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Sea Surface Heights Retrieval from Ship-Based Measurements Assisted by GNSS Signal Reflections

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Concentrations of reactive Mn(III)-L and MnO2 in estuarine and marine waters determined using spectrophotometry and the leuco base, leucoberbelin blue.

The application of AHP in the development of a taxonomy of merchant marine deck officers’ non-technical skills (NTS)

A fuzzy inference system for ship-ship collision alert generation

Methodology for the validation of fuel consumption in diesel engines installed on board military ships, using diesel oil and biodiesel blends

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Modeling Passenger Evacuation on Unstable Ground

Telemedicine: A force multiplier of combat medical care in the Indian Navy

Book Review: Amphibious Warfare: Battle on the Beaches

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Long term variability of the northerly winds over the Eastern Mediterranean as seen from historical wind observations

Report of the Workshop Evaluating the Nature of Midwater Mining Plumes and Their Potential Effects on Midwater Ecosystems

First surveillance of malaria among seafarers: evaluation of incidence and identification of risk areas

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Investigation of casualty management and allocation of medical systems onboard naval vessels

Predicting dynamic fuel oil consumption on ships with automated machine learning

Maritime Airborne Noise: Ships and Harbours

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High holidays on the high seas: the voyage experience of Jewish migrants sailing to Australia in the mid-nineteenth century

Vibration Analysis of A 3-Bladed Marine Propeller Shaft for 35000DWT Bulk Carrier

A human reliability assessment of marine auxiliary machinery maintenance operations under ship PMS and maintenance 4.0 concepts

Energy efficiency at sea: An activity theoretical perspective on operational energy efficiency in maritime transport

A design tool for the performances comparison of innovative energy systems for naval applications

Three Classic Tuna Wars

Overview and Comparison of the IMO and the US Maritime Administration Ballast Water Management Regulations

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