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Corporate Governance Practices in Listed State-owned Enterprises in India: An Empirical Research

A Comparative Analysis of Board Disclosures of Selected Pharmaceuticals Companies of Bangladesh and the UK

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Gender gaps at the top: Does board composition affect executive compensation?

Do Boards Have Style? Evidence from Director Style Divergence and Board Turnover

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[The Ethical Issues in Research on Child Abuse].

P560 Urinary screening in 6–12 years school children in ‘ Makkah & Al-Baha regions’ in Saudi Arabia

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The Relevance of Good Corporate Governance Practices to Bank Performance

Risk Management Committee Attributes: A Review of the Literature and Future Directions

Corporate governance and voluntary disclosure: evidence from India

The Impact of Corporate Governance on Financial Performance of Companies in Southern Africa

Board Diversity and Its Effects on the Functionality of Boards in South Africa

Toward an Enhanced Level of Corporate Governance: Tech Committees as a Game Changer for the Board of Directors

Impact of Corporate Governance on the Cost of Capital: Empirical Evidence from the Non-Financial Sector of Pakistan

Does board committee independence affect financial distress likelihood? A comparison of China with the UK

Corporate Governance Independence in the Board of Directors and The Firms Financial Performance: Empirical Analysis of Cement Sector Firms Listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX)

The determinants of CEO compensation: new insights from United States

Impact of Corporate Governance on Financial Returns of Indian Listed Companies

Revisiting the relationship between board practices and firm performance

Gender and Climate Change Disclosure: An Interdimensional Policy Approach

Corporate governance and firm performance in the Saudi banking industry

The mediating role of innovation between corporate governance and organizational performance: Moderating role of innovative culture in Pakistan textile sector

What drives board committee structure? Evidence from an emerging market

Audit Within the Corporate Governance Paradigm: A Cornerstone Built on Shifting Sand?

Public‐private partnership (PPP) development: Toward building a PPP framework for healthy eating

When do investors value board gender diversity

Trends in governance structure and activities among not-for-profit U.S. hospitals: 2009–2015

The Governance of Sustainability: A Theoretical Background

Financial Performance, Corporate Governance and Microfinance Institutions Sustainability in Nigeria

Corporate governance and the characteristics of the board of directors: Evidence from an emerging market

Corporate Governance of the Largest Russian Banks

Overlapping memberships on the audit and other board committees: impacts on financial reporting quality

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Board Committees 이사회 위원회

Board Committees 이사회 위원회
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