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“A novel approach using elliptic curve cryptography to mitigate Two-Dimensional attacks in mobile Ad hoc networks”

SmartDetour: Defending Blackhole and Content Poisoning Attacks in IoT NDN Networks

Multiple Black Hole Attack in Mobile Ad Hoc Network -Analysis and Detection

Anomaly Detection using Machine Learning Techniques in Wireless Sensor Networks

Anthoc Based Trust Behavioural Network (Anthoc-tbn) Assist to Detect Blackhole Attack by Discover Secure Route

Mitigate Wormhole Attack and Blackhole Attack Using Elliptic Curve Cryptography in MANET

Detection and Prevention of Blackhole Attack in the AOMDV Routing Protocol

A Multi-layer Machine Learning-based Intrusion Detection System for Wireless Sensor Networks

A Novel Approach for Protecting RPL Routing Protocol against Blackhole Attacks in IoT Networks

Blackhole Prevention Techniques Using Machine Learning

Wormhole Attack Detection System for IoT Network: A Hybrid Approach

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Detection and Prevention of Blackhole Attack in AODV of MANET

A scalable blockchain based trust management in VANET routing protocol

Efficient and Secured Route Management Scheme Against Security Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks

A comprehensive taxonomy of schemes to detect and mitigate blackhole attack and its variants in MANETs

Blackhole Detection in 6LoWPAN Based Internet of Things: An Anomaly Based Approach

BP-AODV: Blackhole Protected AODV Routing Protocol for MANETs Based on Chaotic Map

Secure Group based Routing and Flawless Trust Formulation in MANET using Unsupervised Machine Learning Approach for IoT Applications


Analysis of Malicious Behavior of Blackhole and Rushing Attack in MANET

Implementation of Lightweight Stream Cipher in AODV Routing Protocol for MANET

Trust Based Intrusion Detection System to Detect Insider Attacks in IoT Systems

Hybrid Anomaly Detection by Using Clustering for Wireless Sensor Network

A Trust Based Mechanism to Combat Blackhole Attack in RPL Protocol

Cuckoo-RPL: Cuckoo Filter based RPL for Defending AMI Network from Blackhole Attacks

Countering Data and Control Plane Attack On OLSR Using Passive Neighbor Policing and Inconsistency Identification

A Genetic-Based Extreme Gradient Boosting Model for Detecting Intrusions in Wireless Sensor Networks

Intrusion Detection System Based RPL Attack Detection Techniques and Countermeasures in IoT: A Comparison

A Restricted Multipath Routing Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks Using a Virtual Cylinder: Bypassing Black hole and Selective Forwarding Attacks

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Blackhole Attack 블랙홀 공격

Blackhole Attack 블랙홀 공격
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