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Optimization and scale-up of an LED-illuminated microalgal photobioreactor for wastewater treatment.

Extremum-Seeking for micro-algae biomass productivity maximization: an experimental validation

Development of a non-linear growth model for predicting temporal evolution of Scenedesmus obliquus with varying irradiance

Volatile fatty acids and biogas recovery using thermophilic anaerobic membrane distillation bioreactor for wastewater reclamation.

Effects of light intensity on soluble microbial products produced by Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 and associated heterotrophic communities

Development of High Cell Density Cultivation Strategies for Improved Medium Chain Length Polyhydroxyalkanoate Productivity Using Pseudomonas putida LS46

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Bioreactor Operated 생물 반응기 작동

Bioreactor Operated 생물 반응기 작동
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