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Strain dynamics of specific contaminant bacteria modulate the performance of ethanol biorefineries

An integrative approach enables high bioresource utilization and bioethanol production from whole stillage.

Recent advances in bioethanol production from Lignocellulosic biomass

The development of five - level trays type biodryer reactor for processing of organic waste and vinasse mixture into solid recovered fuel

Environmental challenge of the vinasses: Fungi-based biological treatment systems

Turbulence Modeling in Side-Entry Stirred Tank Mixing Time Determination

Fermentation of Ferulated Arabinoxylan Recovered from the Maize Bioethanol Industry

Reducing glucoamylase usage for commercial-scale ethanol production from starch using glucoamylase expressing Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Green Toughness Modifier from Downstream Corn Oil in Improving Poly(lactic acid) Performance

Evaluation of filamentous fungal biomass cultivated on vinasse as an alternative nutrient source of fish feed: protein, lipid, and mineral composition.

Modelling of Molasses Fermentation for Bioethanol Production: A Comparative Investigation of Monod and Andrews Models Accuracy Assessment

Degradation of Hydrogen Sulfide in Stillage as Ethanol Industrial Waste by Acidithiobacillus thiooxidans and Pseudomonas putida with Aerobic Biofiltration Method in Bioreactor

Cross-Linkable Liquid-Crystalline Biopolyesteramide as a Multifunctional Polymeric Platform Designed from Corn Oil Side-Stream Product of Bioethanol Industry.

Metabolomic Alterations Do Not Induce Metabolic Burden in the Industrial Yeast M2n[pBKD2-Pccbgl1]-C1 Engineered by Multiple δ-Integration of a Fungal β-Glucosidase Gene

Waste not, want not: enhancing the ability of yeast to utilise its own leftovers from the brewing industry to fuel the transport industry with ethanol

Influence of high-intensity ultrasound application on the kinetics of sugar release from acid suspensions of artichoke (Cynara scolymus) biomass

Evaluation of acute toxicity of vinasse by means of Daphnia magna and Aliivibrio fischeri: a comparative study

Utilization of stillages from bioethanol production on various substrates

Feasibility Study of CO2 Mitigation with Methanol Production through Hydrogenation and Bi-Reforming of Natural Gas

A Green Approach to Copper-Containing Pesticides: Antimicrobial and Antifungal Activity of Brochantite Supported on Lignin for the Development of Biobased Plant Protection Products

Altered carbon assimilation and cellulose accessibility to maximize bioethanol yield under low-cost biomass processing in corn brittle stalk

Sustainable Hydrophobic and Moisture-Resistant Coating Derived from Downstream Corn Oil

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Bioethanol Industry 바이오에탄올 산업

Bioethanol Industry 바이오에탄올 산업
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