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Optimized Study and Column Experiments on Treatment Process of Metronidazole Pharmaceutical Wastewater by Microelectrolysis and Fenton Oxidation

Treatment of Biorefractory Organic Compounds in Dyeing and Printing Process Textile Wastewater with Electron Beam Radiation

Removal of recalcitrant organics in reverse osmosis concentrate from coal chemical industry by UV/H2O2 and UV/PDS: Efficiency and kinetic modeling.

Enhanced azo dye decolorization through charge transmission by σ-Sb3+-azo complexes on amorphous Sb2S3 under visible light irradiation

Process parameters study and organic evolution of old landfill leachate treatment using photo-Fenton-like systems: Cu2+ vs Fe2+ as catalysts

Biodegradability improvement and toxicity reduction of soil washing effluents polluted with atrazine by means of electrochemical pre-treatment: Influence of the anode material.

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Biodegradability Improvement 생분해성 개선

Biodegradability Improvement 생분해성 개선
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