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Advanced 2.5D Heterogeneous Integrated Platform Using Flexible Biocompatible Substrate for Biomedical Sensing System

Flexible Nonvolatile Bioresistive Random Access Memory with an Adjustable Memory Mode Capable of Realizing Logic Functions

Enhanced performance of flexible Piezoelectric PVDF sensors by ultrasonic spray coating method

Design of Conformal Spiral Dual-Band Antenna for Wireless Capsule System

Dose calculation of 3D printing lead shield covered by biocompatible silicone for electron beam therapy.

Chitosan-hydroxyapatite-MWCNTs nanocomposite patch for bone tissue engineering applications

A capacitive humidity sensor based on all-protein embedded with gold nanoparticles @ carbon composite for human respiration detection

Recent progress in silk fibroin-based flexible electronics

Flexible Pressure-Sensitive Contact Transistors Operating in Subthreshold Regime.

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Biocompatible Flexible 생체 적합성 유연성

Biocompatible Flexible 생체 적합성 유연성
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