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Novel Facile One‐Pot Synthesis of Bi2S3−BiOCl Ultrathin Hetero‐nanosheets for Selective Alcohol Oxidation

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One-pot construction of Ta-doped BiOCl/Bi heterostructures toward simultaneously promoting visible light harvesting and charge separation for highly enhanced photocatalytic activity

Simultaneous Manipulation of Bulk Excitons and Surface Defects for Ultrastable and Highly Selective CO2 Photoreduction.

Biocl Nanosheets sentence examples within Ultrathin Biocl Nanosheets

Novel Facile One‐Pot Synthesis of Bi2S3−BiOCl Ultrathin Hetero‐nanosheets for Selective Alcohol Oxidation

Unveiling the activity origin of ultrathin BiOCl nanosheets for photocatalytic CO2 reduction

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Fabrication of oxygen vacancy-rich 3D/2D BiO1-XBr/BiOCl heterostructures towards efficient charge separation for enhanced photodegradation activity

Facile preparation and photocatalytic activity of oxygen vacancy rich BiOCl with {0 0 1} exposed reactive facets

PANI/BiOCl nanocomposite induced efficient visible-light photocatalytic activity

Novel visible-light-induced BiOCl/g-C3N4 photocatalyst for efficient degradation of metronidazole

A novel Z-scheme BiOI/BiOCl nanofibers photocatalyst prepared by one-pot solvothermal with efficient visible-light-driven photocatalytic activity

Dual-Function Reaction Center for Simultaneous Activation of CH4 and O2 via Oxygen Vacancies during Direct Selective Oxidation of CH4 into CH3OH.

Mechanism insights into the facet-dependent photocatalytic degradation of perfluorooctanoic acid on BiOCl nanosheets

Direct Z-scheme Ag2WO4/BiOCl composite photocatalyst for efficient photocatalytic degradations of dissolved organic impurities

Fabrication of Bismuth Oxychloride Nanosheets Decorated with Chitosan and Phytic Acid for Improvement of Flexible Poly(vinyl chloride) Flame Retardancy

Defective BiO2-x/BiOCl porous ultrathin nanosheets for efficient solar-light-driven photoreduction of Cr (VI)

Highly efficient and reusable BiOCl photocatalyst modulating by hydrogel immobilization and oxygen vacancies engineering

Insight into facet-dependent photocatalytic H2O2 production on BiOCl nanosheets

Flowerlike BiOCl nanospheres fabricated by an in situ self-assembly strategy for efficiently enhancing photocatalysis.

Surface structure tuning of BiOCl nanosheets by the sequential introduction of oxygen vacancies, PO43- and Ag+ for boosting photodegradation of tetracycline hydrochloride.

A novel visible-light-driven ternary Ag@Ag2O/BiOCl Z-scheme photocatalyst with enhanced removal efficiency of RhB

BiOCl-Coated Electroactive Film for Potential-Triggered Selective Removal of Cesium Ions from Simulated Wastewater

Growth and Raman Scattering Investigation of a New 2D MOX Material: YbOCl

Facile fabrication of heterogeneous TiO2/BiOCl composite with superior visible-light-driven performance towards Cr(VI) and tetracycline

Water-assisted synthesis of shape-specific BiOCl nanoflowers with enhanced adsorption and photosensitized degradation of rhodamine B

Boosting Visible-Light-Driven Photo-oxidation of BiOCl by Promoted Charge Separation via Vacancy Engineering

Engineering hierarchical porous oxygen-deficient TiO2 fibers decorated with BiOCl nanosheets for efficient photocatalysis

Enhanced photocatalytic reduction activity of BiOCl nanosheets loaded on β-Bi2O3

Chemical Bonding Construction of Reduced Graphene Oxide-Anchored Few-Layer Bismuth Oxychloride for Synergistically Improving Sodium-Ion Storage

Theoretical and experimental investigations of BiOCl for electrochemical adsorption of cesium ions.

Composite microsphere resulting from assembly of BiOCl nanosheets and palygorskite nanorods for enhanced photocatalytic activity

2D ε-Fe3N nano-sheet and 1D Fe3O4/Fe3N heterogeneous nano-chain: The directing agent for the BiOCl growth

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Biocl Nanosheets Biocl 나노시트

Biocl Nanosheets Biocl 나노시트
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