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Biogas residue biochar shifted bacterial community, mineralization, and molecular structure of organic carbon in a sandy loam Alfisol

Effects of biochar size and type on gaseous emissions during pig manure/wheat straw aerobic composting: Insights into multivariate-microscale characterization and microbial mechanism.

Biochar amendment improves soil physico-chemical properties and alters root biomass and the soil food web in grazed pastures

Volatile-char interactions during biomass pyrolysis: Effect of char preparation temperature

Unraveling iron speciation on Fe-biochar with distinct arsenic removal mechanisms and depth distributions of As and Fe

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Dual waste utilization in ultra-high performance concrete using biochar and marine clay

Ecotoxicological assessment of sewage sludge-derived biochars-amended soil.

Different Levels of Irrigation Water Salinity and Biochar Influence on Faba Bean Yield, Water Productivity, and Ions Uptake

Arsenic immobilization through regulated ferrolysis in paddy field amendment with bismuth impregnated biochar.

Biochar increases pesticide-detoxifying carboxylesterases along earthworm burrows.

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Biochar Caused Biochar 원인

Biochar Caused Biochar 원인
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