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Binder Jet sentence examples within powder bed fusion

Additive, subtractive, and formative manufacturing of metal components: a life cycle assessment comparison

Synergistic application of continuous granulation and selective laser sintering 3D printing for the development of pharmaceutical dosage forms with enhanced dissolution rates and physical properties

Binder Jet sentence examples within selective laser sintering

Synergistic application of twin-screw granulation and selective laser sintering 3D printing for the development of pharmaceutical dosage forms with enhanced dissolution rates and physical properties.

3D Printing as a Promising Tool in Personalized Medicine

Binder Jet sentence examples within selective laser melting

Influence of porosity and impurities on the thermal conductivity of pressure-less sintered Cu powder green bodies

A Review on Additive Manufacturing of Pure Copper

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Binder Jet sentence examples within direct energy deposition

The Additive Manufacturing Operations Management Maturity: a Closed or an Open Issue?

Binder Jet sentence examples within Metal Binder Jet

Powder condition and spreading parameter impact on green and sintered density in metal binder jetting

D-Band Antenna-Filter Integration Using Metal 3D Printing

Binder Jet sentence examples within Bed Binder Jet

Additive manufacture of porous ceramic proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint implant: design and process optimization

On-demand setting of extrusion-based 3D printing gypsum using a heat-induced accelerator

Binder Jet sentence examples within binder jet 3d

Taste Masking Study Based on an Electronic Tongue: the Formulation Design of 3D Printed Levetiracetam Instant-Dissolving Tablets

W-ZrC composites prepared by reactive melt infiltration of Zr2Cu alloy into binder jet 3D printed WC preforms

Binder Jet sentence examples within binder jet additive

A laboratory-scale binder jet additive manufacturing testbed for process exploration and material development.

Additive manufacturing of strong silica sand structures enabled by polyethyleneimine binder

Binder Jet sentence examples within binder jet printing

Embedded sensors in additively manufactured silicon carbide

Additive manufacturing of silicon carbide for nuclear applications

Binder Jet sentence examples within binder jet printed

Reduction in Hysteresis Loss of Binder Jet Printed Iron Silicon With Boron

Characterization of Magnetic Anisotropy for Binder Jet Printed Fe93.25Si6.75

Binder Jet sentence examples within binder jet technology

A review on the progress and challenges of binder jet 3D printing of sand moulds for advanced casting

The accuracy of clinical 3D printing in reconstructive surgery: literature review and in vivo validation study.

Binder Jet sentence examples within binder jet three

Mechanical anisotropy and fracture mode of binder jetting 3D printed calcium sulfate moldings

Computation of Hydrodynamic and Capillary Phenomena in Binder Jet Three-Dimensional Printing

Qualitative and Quantitative Microstructural Analysis of Copper for Sintering Process Optimization in Additive Manufacturing Applications

Powder spreading, densification, and part deformation in binder jetting additive manufacturing

Searching for biological feedstock material: 3D printing of wood particles from house borer and drywood termite frass

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A Study on Binder Jetting of High Dimensional Stability Alloy

Preparation, characterization, and monitoring of an aqueous graphite ink for use in binder jetting

An Overview on the Rheology, Mechanical Properties, Durability, 3D Printing, and Microstructural Performance of Nanomaterials in Cementitious Composites

Discrete-Element Simulation of Powder Spreading Process in Binder Jetting, and the Effects of Powder Size

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3D printing of fine alumina powders by binder jetting

3D Printed Sand Tools for Thermoforming Applications of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites—A Perspective

Binder Jetting of Silicon Steel, Part I: Process Map of Green Density

Screening pharmaceutical excipient powders for use in commercial 3D binder jetting printers

Dimensional and geometrical precision of parts produced by binder jetting process as affected by the anisotropic shrinkage on sintering

Novel hybrid method to additively manufacture denser graphite structures using Binder Jetting

Additive Manufacturing of Wood Composite Panels for Individual Layer Fabrication (ILF)

Novel evaluation technology for the demand characteristics of 3D food printing materials: a review.

Comparative Study on Microstructure and Corrosion Resistance of Al-Si Alloy Cast from Sand Mold and Binder Jetting Mold

Photosensitive binder jetting technique for the fabrication of alumina ceramic

SiC-Si composite part fabrication via SiC powder binder jetting additive manufacturing and molten-Si infiltration

Performance modulation and 3D printing parameters optimization of implantable medical tricalcium-silicate/polyetherimide composite

A General Fruit Acid Chelation Route for Eco-friendly and Ambient 3D Printing of Metals

Mechanical performance of lightweight ceramic structures via binder jetting of microspheres

Additive Manufacturing of Resected Oral and Oropharyngeal Tissue: A Pilot Study

3D-printed biodegradable composite scaffolds with significantly enhanced mechanical properties via the combination of binder jetting and capillary rise infiltration process

Large scale additive manufacturing of artificial stone components using binder jetting and their X-ray microtomography investigations

3D printing of silk powder by Binder Jetting technique

DEM based investigation of powder packing in 3D printing of pharmaceutical tablets

Influence of droplet velocity, spacing, and inter-arrival time on line formation and saturation in binder jet additive manufacturing

Binder Jetting Additive Manufacturing: Effect of Particle Size Distribution on Density

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Process Integrated Production of WC-Co Tools with Local Cobalt Gradient Fabricated by Binder Jetting

Digital design and 3D printing of innovative SiC architectures for high temperature volumetric solar receivers

More Binder Jet 바인더 제트 sentence examples

Proposal for enhancing the compressive strength of alkali-activated materials-based binder jetting 3D printed outputs

The Effect of Binder Loading on the Pore Size of 3D Printed PMMA

Structure and Properties of Barium Titanate Lead-Free Piezoceramic Manufactured by Binder Jetting Process

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Influence of Drop Velocity and Droplet Spacing on the Equilibrium Saturation Level in Binder Jetting

More Binder Jet 바인더 제트 sentence examples

The Effect of Print Speed on Surface Roughness and Density Uniformity of Parts Produced Using Binder Jet 3D Printing

3B Yazıcıların Kemik Doku İskeleleri Tasarımına Etkisi

Binder jetting of ceramics: Powders, binders, printing parameters, equipment, and post-treatment


Toward Shifted Production Strategies Through Additive Manufacturing: A Technology and Market Review for Changing Value Chains

Second-Generation Implants for Load Introduction into Thin-Walled CFRP-Reinforced UHPC Beams: Implant Optimisation and Investigations of Production Technologies

Development of 3D printer for functionally graded material using fused deposition modelling method

Particle size influence on material properties of BaTiO3 ceramics fabricated using freeze-form extrusion 3D printing

Microstructural evolution and resulting properties of differently sintered and heat-treated binder-jet 3D-printed Stellite 6.

Impacts of process-induced porosity on material properties of copper made by binder jetting additive manufacturing

Microstructure characteristics and fractal analysis of 3D-printed sandstone using micro-CT and SEM-EDS

Post-processing Methods to Improve Strength of Particle-Bed 3D Printed Geopolymer for Digital Construction Applications

Mechanical and material properties of castings produced via 3D printed molds

Reaction-bonding of aluminum oxide processed by binder jetting

Ceramic binder jetting additive manufacturing: Particle coating for increasing powder sinterability and part strength

Real time observation of binder jetting printing process using high-speed X-ray imaging

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Additive manufacturing of SiSiC by layerwise slurry deposition and binder jetting (LSD-print)

Using statistically designed experiment to optimize vacuum-assisted post-processing of binder jetted specimens

Binder jetting additive manufacturing of aluminum nitride components

Effect of powder size distribution on densification and microstructural evolution of binder-jet 3D-printed alloy 625

Synthesis of titanium orthorhombic alloy using binder jetting additive manufacturing

Applications of excipients in the field of 3D printed pharmaceuticals

Cold Isostatic Pressing to Improve the Mechanical Performance of Additively Manufactured Metallic Components

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Synthesis of the In Situ Nb-Si Composites by Binder Jetting Additive Manufacturing Technology

Layer-wise spatial modeling of porosity in additive manufacturing

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Additive manufacturing of cementitious composites: Materials, methods, potentials, and challenges

Anisotropy in Green Body Bending Strength due to Additive Direction in the Binder-Jetting Additive Manufacturing Process

Comparison of Linear and 4-Arm Star Poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) for Aqueous Binder Jetting Additive Manufacturing of Personalized Dosage Tablets.

Manufacturing of gypsum–sisal fiber composites using binder jetting

More Binder Jet 바인더 제트 sentence examples

Robotic Ceramic Paste Extrusion for Industrial Prototyping and Production

Fabrication and characterization of 3D printing induced orthotropic functional ceramics

The potential of additive manufacturing technologies and their processing parameters for the fabrication of all-ceramic crowns: A review.

Binder jetting of the AlCoCrFeNi alloy

Digital Manufacturing of Pathologically-Complex 3D Printed Antennas

Photo Rheometry of Waterborne Polyurethanes for Its Implementation in Vat Photopolymerization

Additively Manufactured Single-Use Molds and Reusable Patterns for Large Automotive and Hydroelectric Components

More Binder Jet 바인더 제트 sentence examples

Fabrication of SiC whisker-reinforced SiC ceramic matrix composites based on 3D printing and chemical vapor infiltration technology

Effect of powder characteristics on parts fabricated via binder jetting process

Parametric Analysis to Quantify Process Input Influence on the Printed Densities of Binder Jetted Alumina Ceramics

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Binder Jet 바인더 제트

Binder Jet 바인더 제트
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