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Decreases in arsenic accumulation by the plasma membrane intrinsic protein PIP2;2 in Arabidopsis and yeast.

Channel analysis in a realistic path loss model for drones support in wireless communications

A $\text{DAB}+$ Approach for Vehicular Tracking

A Comprehensive Open-Source Simulation Framework for LiFi Communication

Regulatory Mechanism for Absence Seizures in Bidirectional Interactive Thalamocortical Model via Different Targeted Therapy Schemes

A Bidirectional Energy Conversion Circuit Toward Multifunctional Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting and Vibration Excitation Purposes

An Experimental Study on the Influence of Carrying Luggage to Bidirectional Pedestrian Flows

Circulator-free on-chip bidirectional four-wave mixing.

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Bidirectional Channel 양방향 채널

Bidirectional Channel 양방향 채널
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