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A bi-functional alginate-based composite for catalyzing one-pot methyl esters synthesis from waste cooking oil having high acidity

In-situ growth of CoFeS2 on metal-organic frameworks-derived Co-NC polyhedron enables high-performance oxygen electrocatalysis for rechargeable zinc-air batteries

Ammonia removal in selective catalytic oxidation: Influence of catalyst structure on the nitrogen selectivity.

Ni nanoparticles encapsulated within H-type ZSM-5 crystals for upgrading palmitic acid to diesel-like fuels

Pd-promoted Ni-Ca-Al bi-functional catalyst for integrated sorption-enhanced steam reforming of glycerol and methane reforming of carbonate

Imidazolium-based titanosilicate nanospheres as active catalysts in carbon dioxide conversion: Towards a cascade reaction from alkenes to cyclic carbonates

Efficient reaction for biodiesel manufacturing using bi-functional oxide catalyst

Pd-HPW/SiO2 Bi-Functional Catalyst: Sonochemical Synthesis, Characterization, and Effect on Octahydroquinazolinone Synthesis

Bio-BTX production from the shape selective catalytic fast pyrolysis of lignin using different zeolite catalysts: Relevance between the chemical structure and the yield of bio-BTX

Iridium in Tungsten Trioxide Matrix as an Efficient Bi-Functional Electrocatalyst for Overall Water Splitting in Acidic Media.

Upgrading of palmitic acid to diesel-like fuels over Ni@HZSM-5 bi-functional catalysts through the in situ encapsulation method

Bimetallic chalcogenide nanocrystallites as efficient electrocatalyst for overall water splitting

Recycling valuable cobalt from spent lithium ion batteries for controllably designing a novel sea-urchin-like cobalt nitride-graphene hybrid catalyst: towards efficient overall water splitting

Carbon dioxide reduction to synthetic fuel on zirconia supported copper-based catalysts and gibbs free energy minimization: Methanol and dimethyl ether synthesis

Ru Nanoparticles on a Sulfonated Carbon Layer Coated SBA-15 for Catalytic Hydrogenation of Furfural into 1, 4-pentanediol

High-purity hydrogen production by sorption-enhanced steam reforming of iso-octane over a Pd-promoted Ni-Ca-Al-O bi-functional catalyst

Synergistic regulation of nickel doping/hierarchical structure in cobalt sulfide for high performance zinc-air battery

Hetero-structured V-Ni3S2@NiOOH core-shell nanorods from an electrochemical anodization for water splitting

Porous Ni-Ca-Al-O bi-functional catalyst derived from layered double hydroxide intercalated with citrate anion for sorption-enhanced steam reforming of glycerol

Dysprosium doped copper oxide (Cu1-xDyxO) nanoparticles enabled bifunctional electrode for overall water splitting

Molecularly engineered graphene oxide anchored metal organic assembly: An active site economic bi-functional electrocatalyst

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Bi Functional Catalyst 이중 기능 촉매

Bi Functional Catalyst 이중 기능 촉매
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