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Behaviour Research sentence examples within Consumer Behaviour Research

A comparative analysis of factors influencing millennial travellers’ intentions to use ride-hailing

Consumer‘s Behaviour Regarding Cashless Payments during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Behaviour Research sentence examples within Travel Behaviour Research

Short-Term Prediction of Demand for Ride-Hailing Services: A Deep Learning Approach

An accumulation of preference: Two alternative dynamic models for understanding transport choices

Behaviour Research sentence examples within Sedentary Behaviour Research

A systematic review and meta-analysis of non-workplace interventions to reduce time spent sedentary in adults

Interventions for reducing sedentary behaviour in people with stroke.

Behaviour Research sentence examples within Eating Behaviour Research

Are commonly used proxy measures of food value and motivation predictive of self-reported real-world snacking? An ecological momentary assessment study

Touchscreen-based assessment of food approach biases: Investigating reliability and item-specific preferences

Behaviour Research sentence examples within Information Behaviour Research

Creating by me, and for me: investigating the use of information creation in everyday life

Transitions theory and liminality in information behaviour research

Behaviour Research sentence examples within Human Behaviour Research

Sport and Cultural Events: Willingness to Pay, Facial Expressions and Skin Response

A critical analysis of the theories and models of self-education

Behaviour Research sentence examples within Organizational Behaviour Research

Demystifying the Relation between Workforce demographics, Job Satisfaction and Perceived Customer Satisfaction in Indian Banking Industry

A resources perspective on when and how proactive work behaviour leads to employee withdrawal

Behaviour Research sentence examples within Health Behaviour Research

It’s not raining men: a mixed-methods study investigating methods of improving male recruitment to health behaviour research

Conceptualizing and intervening on affective determinants of health behaviour

Behaviour Research sentence examples within behaviour research network

A systematic review and meta-analysis of non-workplace interventions to reduce time spent sedentary in adults

Association between sedentary behaviour and risk of dementia: an evidence gap

Behaviour Research sentence examples within behaviour research method

Lexize: A test to quickly assess vocabulary knowledge in Finnish.

Data collection methods for studying pedestrian behaviour: A systematic review

Environmental Management Accounting System and Value Creation: An institutional perspective

Pathway Network Design as Natural Surveillance Strategy of Safe Green Roof Environment for Public

New Norm for Traditional Food Business by SMEs Entrepreneurs: Case Study in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Plagiarism of Academic Writing in Malaysian Universities: A legal analysis

Greenhouse Daylight Illuminance for Users’ Satisfaction in Hot and Humid Climate

Does Festival-goer is a Risk-Taker?

A Hermeneutic Approach Utilising Interactive Visual Communication to Enhance Speech and Spelling For Dyslexic Children in Malaysia Primary Schools

Enhancing the heritage conservation by Sustaining Historical Buildings: Hail Palace, as a case study

Designing Movable Kitchen Cart through the Elements of Traditional Baba Nyonya House

Urban Green Open Space as a Health Resilience Catalyst for the Elderly

The Roles of Muhtasib in Islamic Medieval Urban Management

Do Consumption Values In Heritage Food Play a Role in the Development of Behavioural Intentions?

Unintentional Vandalism: Unskilled tree pruning practices in tree management

The Influence of Pahang Heritage Food on Behavioral Intentions among Malaysian Domestic Tourists

Thermal Comfort in Living Room of Houses with Different Frontage

Fatigue in Children With Hearing Loss

Improving National Park Management in Malaysia: Towards greater community participation

Age and Gender Differences in Experience with and Connectedness to Nature Among Children

Examining Influencer Marketing Practices and Disclosure in Malaysia

The Quality of Overall Planning and its Influence on Overcrowding in Malaysian Preschools

Modified Open-Plan Preschool Spaces and their Influence on Children’s Cognitive Development

A Proposed Pandemic Clause for Force Majeure Events under Construction Contracts in Malaysia

Suicidal Ideation among People with Depression in Mental Hospital, Kabul-Afghanistan

AI Adoption in the Printing Industry: A FVM perspective

Fuel Subsidies, Fuel Consumption, and Road Transport Emissions: A systematic review

What Matters for Retirees to Experience A Great Quality of Life?

Teaching Architecture for Tertiary Students during Covid-19: Issues and Reflections

Implementation of Defect Management Principle in Maintenance Practice at Local Authority

The Issues of Applying Occupation-Based Intervention (OBI) Among Malaysian Occupational Therapists: A Mixed-Methods Study

Sustainable Suburban Environment and Service for Happier Households

The Knowledge of Awareness on Designing Physical Learning Environment for Autism

Motivation and Willingness to Communicate in English amongst ESL Engineering Pre-university Students in Malaysia

Appropriate Competencies and Skillset for Graphic Design Graduates: e-Portfolio

Towards Quality of Life: Analysis of patterns on religious practice at workplace

Assessing the Effectiveness of the Non-Structural Measures for River Cleaning

Unravelling layers of Colonial and Post-Colonial open space planning and heritage: the identity of [Padang] Merdeka Square, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Digital Board Game Using the Theory of Variation to Enhance Grammar Learning

Re-evaluation of the conceptualisation of super levees by focusing on the availability of open space as an evacuation area along the Arakawa River

Landlords’ Perception on the Introduction of the Residential Tenancy Act (RTA)

Benefits and Returns of Adopt-A-Park Programme in Kuala Lumpur

Attitude towards Safe Driving and Mobile Usage among Young Adult in Malaysia

Anxiety and Depression in Malaysian Preadolescent Primary School Children

The Recognition of Fragrant Plant Characteristic in Enhancing the Place Image for Royal Town of Kuala Kangsar, Perak

The Adoption of Sustainable Facilities Management (SFM) by the Hotel Industry

Windstorm Resilient Rural Housing: Lessons learned in Temerloh, Malaysia

Service Providers’ Behaviour in Light of Developing the Medical Tourism Industry in Malaysia: At the Expense of Local Patients?

Preferences for Doors of Vernacular Structures: The Case Study of Kaleici

The Effectiveness of Resettlement of Orang Asli in Peninsular Malaysia

An Assessment on the Housing Auction Market in Selangor

6 Mental imagery and mental health science: from lab to hospital to a refugee camp?

Self-narrative focus in autobiographical events: The effect of time, emotion, and individual differences

Accessibility Adaptation in Heritage Boutique Hotels: A review on literature

An Overview of Environmental Design Relationship with School Bullying and Future Crime

Childhood Weight Management for School Health Nurses and School Children in Malaysia: A conceptual framework

The Importance of Ergonomics on Urban Squares: Case from Istanbul

Park And Ride Facilities within Kuala Lumpur Conurbation: How willing are private vehicle commuters to use?

Cross-Cultural Adaptation, Validity and Reliability of Malay Version Boston Carpal Tunnel Questionnaire

The Definition of Housing with EXPRESS

The Sustainability of Historic Buildings in Achieving Economic Diversity: A case study Qebah Palace

Self-assessment of eating disorder recovery: Absence of eating disorder psychopathology is not essential.

Developing A Pollution Free Environment Framework Through Technology Integration (e-Hailing App)

Metacognition and Emotional Schemas: Effects on Depression and Anxiety

Energy Conservation Practices in Universities Buildings

Uplifting the Potential of Kinta Valley Post-Industrial Mining Landscape for World Heritage Nomination

Exploring Civic Ecology Practice: Composting program in Subang Jaya

Quality of Life among the Elderly at Rumah Seri Kenangan, Cheras, Malaysia

The Relation between Objective and Perceived Physical Characteristics of a Neighborhood Environment for Older People

Food Hygiene at On-Site Premises in Perak and Selangor: Are We Ready for Self-Regulatory Practices?

Development and Validation of the Beverages and Snacks Questionnaire for Malaysian Schoolchildren (BSQ-C)

The Empowerment of Social Capital in the Malay Traditional Settelement

Relationship Between Street Design and Human Behaviour in Making Cities Safe for Women

Facilities’ Arrangement of Tourism Area in Lumban Suhi-suhi Village Based on Environmental Element Approach (Sustainable Tourism)

Creating Positive Environment for Autism Using Sensory Design

The question-behaviour effect in intergroup attitudes research: When do attitudes towards a minority predict a relevant behaviour?

Open Space as Evacuation Areas on Super Levees along the Arakawa River, Japan

P068 Sleep quality in athletes and exercisers

Reconsidering the World Heritage Potential of the Kinta Valley Post-Industrial Mining Landscape, Malaysia

Eye Movements Behaviour in Reading Different Text Sizes among University Students

Cognitive Ergonomics and Attitude towards Safe Driving Practice among Young Adults in Malaysia

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